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“So, is a brand new day.” Said Blaze, the Combusken, stretching in the middle of the room. He looked over his shoulder “Perfect day to join the Explorers, don’t you think Ty?”

His answer did not came. He turned around to see the small Tyrunt sitting in the bed, a sad look in his face as he seemed to be lost in thought. Blaze sighed, and walked to him. Sitting by his side and putting a hand on his shoulder.

Ty looked up to him “I miss them too.” Said Blaze “I really wish things have turned out differently, but it is done now. We came here to start over.” Ty looked down again. Blaze smiled, like trying to cheer him up “We are going to join the explorers. We will became the kind of men they would be pound of.”

Ty looked down for a few moments, and looked up to Blaze with a smile “What are we waiting for then, ty?” he said as he jumped off the bed and ran to the exit. Blaze smiled and was about to walk after him when suddenly…


The great sound of an explosion and a sudden quake startled them.

“What is this, ty!!?” said a startled Tyler as he ran to Blaze’s side. “I don’t know. Lets go see.” And so they ran outside as the screams of the pokemons outside started.

They were meet by pokemon running terrified for their dear lives. They saw the side from where they were coming, and saw a gigantic creature moving around the place. “Wow! That isn’t the statue we saw when we arrived here, ty?” asked Tyler, and Blaze answered “I guess so, and it does not seem happy.”

Suddenly the creature was hit by a powerful gush of water. The two stunned pokemon turned around to the place where it came from. It was the top of a building, and in it was a scene you does not see everyday, a Floatzel holding out a Skrelp in an odd fashioned way.

They would have wondered this for a moment if they had not heard more crashing and screaming. They turned and saw the creature coming to them, probably after what hit it. “It is coming this way, ty!!!” said Tyler, and Blaze took a better look “It is chasing something.”

It was truth, running in front of the creature was a Swampert. As it ran closer to them, they could see he was wearing a brim broad brim had, a necklace and leather gloves. He took sight of them and immediately screamed to them to “Run!”

Thye needed no more incentive, Blaze picked up Tyler and turned around to run. As he did, the Swampert came closer and they took a better look on him.
“Hey.” Said Ty “You are not Luke, the leader of the Explorers’ Guild, ty?” The Swampert smiled back “In the flesh.”

“That is cool, ty! We want to join your guild, ty!” Luke sighed, look, this is hardly the place or moment for this-LOOK OUT!” he said pushing them out of the way of a Focus Blast from the statue. It made a crater in the ground, but they seemed unharmed.

The statue gave one more step in their direction, and let out a strange sound that for us would sound something like a machine. It raised its fist, that surrounded in fire. Luke then said “You want to join, so our mission now is to fight this thing sand bring it to out of town!”

“Okay.” Said Blaze as he started to get up, but Tyler was already up, and was looking at the great creature with anger, his face reddened as smoke came out of his nostrils “You attacked my friend, ty!” he screamed at the statue “No one does it, ty!”

“What is he doing!?!” screamed Luke as the great colossus started to aim a punch with his fiery fist into the small pokemon. Tyler ruffed as he felt a great Rage building up inside of him, and planted his feet hard in the ground, making small craters open under him.

“TY!” with one powerful cry, Tyler propelled himself in the direction of the flaming fist, and meet it with his Hhead. Both attacks collided, and Ty went back to the ground, reeling a bit, but on his feet, while the stony creature was actually force to take a step back to not fall.

If Luke’s jaw could have dropped any further it would have hit the ground. “Wha…!?” he was barely able to say “How!?”. As he did, Tyler tumbled over a bit and shake his head back to reality “This thing is hard, ty.”

“Tyler!” called blaze “You heard, we have to take this thing to out of the town. Where to Luke?” the Swampert in this moment recovered “Oh, yes. Cassidy!” IN this moment what seemed like a baton made of light flew to his hand, and he grabbed it as it immediately vanished in his hand. He then picked Blaze and Tyler in his back and ran with the statue coming after them.

“By the way.” He said to them “Maybe is still early to say that but, welcome to the Explorers Guild.”

“You mean we can join?” asked Blaze, and Luke laughed “After what I saw your friend just do, and if you can do something as good as that, I’d be really surprised if you don’t.”

“Yeah, we will be explorers, ty!” cheered Tyler while Blaze looked over his shoulder to the great stone creature coming in their directions with its slow but large steps “Yeah, if we survive.”

Well, here it is, the first chapter of the adventures of my team, sorry if its a bit short, but I'm still njot completelly sure of how it will proceed.


Yes, Ty is able to does that because he has Strenght 5, just used Rage and is resilient to fire.


Here is the completet statistic to my team:…


So, someone could tell me what happens now?

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