PMDU - Geoda Mission - Eventful Night

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Tyler, Jin and Gon watched as Blaze walked away, and the small dinosaurs sighed as he looked at the ground as his brother was out of sight. Gon and Jin shared a look as they saw the young pokemon sad for not being able to help. After a few moments of silence, Gon was the first to speak to the dinosaur pokemon.

“It is okay.” He said, making Tyler look at him “Blaze will be okay.”

“I know.” Tyler said, “I just wish I could help too, ty.”

This time, Jin spoke, “Yeah, we know, but Blaze is worried about you, and he doesn’t want you to get hurt. That is why he is letting you here with us, so he can take care of things while we stay safe.”

This did not seemed to make Tyler feel better, and Gon said, “You can go with him another time. We all can go together another time, and we all can do it together as a great team. Okay?”

Tyler looked up at the twin bird, whose both heads smiled down at him, and the Tyrunt smiled too “Okay, ty.”

This made both Jin and Gon nod in approval, and Tyler said, “But, what do we do now, ty?”

Gon and Jin didn’t really knew. Gon imagined asking Tyler what he wanted to do in order for them to try doing it. However, they line of thought was interrupted when they heard a voice. “Hey, you.”

They turned their heads to look at the approaching figure of Robin, from the Hunters. His constant smile on his lips was the kind of thing that gave shivers to most people, which included Jin and Gon, as they felt a chill run down their backs. Tyler, however, seemed unimpressed by this as he simply looked at the pokemon who approached them, and Robin asked, “Are you two a team?”

They shared a look, and Tyler said “Yeah, we are! We are Team Ancient Flame, from the Explorers, ty!”

Robin looked at them, and he nodded “Right. There wasn’t a Blaziken in your team?”

“He is out on mission, sir.” Said Jin as he looked at Robin, and the Banette looked down at him with smart eyes, what made both him and Gon shiver, but Jin continued, “He is helping Flint with the mission of setting traps. He must be back by the time the sun starts to rise.” He said, with a respective bow.

Robin looked at them for a moment, and he smiled “So, while he is out, would you two like making a mission?”

The two pokemon shared another look, and Tyler Immediately said “Yes, ty!” he seemed very happy for being able to help, but Jin and Gon were not so anxious as him “Look, sir, we respect you, but we have promised to Blaze that we would keep his little brother out of trouble.” Jin was totally respectful when he said that, even bowing a little to the hooded Banette.

Robin looked at them, and he said, “Well, the job I have in mind won’t put you in any danger, then.”

The two pokemon looked at him. Robin said, “We have several other teams doing all kind sof jobs around here, from setting traps to patrolling, I even heard Cassidy gathering some pokemon to do I don’t know what. And, some of the missions we have can be quite tiring to the mood of a few pokemon.”

Both pokemon looked at the Banette as he explained, and he said “So, after a while of doing this, they might need something or someone to distract them and help them recovered their good mood, like some people to tell jokes, or to make a show to them.” He looked at them, and Jin asked, “Do you want us to… entertain the teams?”

Robin nodded at them, with his knowing smirk. The Doduo looked at Tyler, who looked back at them, and the two heads soon started talking among each other in Iapanese. They seemed to be discussing something, and Robin could not help but raise an eyebrow as these two seemed to be discussing something as if it was in secret. After a while, they looked back at Robin, and Jin said “Well, we do have a little experience into entertaining people, I guess we can do it, since there will be no immediate danger.

Robin smiled, and he nodded at the pokemon, telling them where to find the patrol that would need to be entertained. The job seemed to be perfect, since they would have something to keep themselves busy for the night, and they would not engage in direct combat, keeping themselves out of danger, and also keeping their promise to watch over Tyler and not let him get into trouble.

Tyler, on the other hand, was not so happy for being in a job like entertaining others. He wanted to make part of some action, however, Jin and Gon convinced him that it was a worth job, just like any other thing that was going to be made by any other team, and that he could also have fun too. This was enough to Make Tyler agree that it was not that bad, even if he wanted to do something a little more important.

However, he was happy that at least he was not going to be useless around. But, he wondered just what kind of entertainment Jin and Gon were going to give to the other teams.

This question was soon answered once they got in place. It ended up that Jin and Gon were both very skilled into singing. They both had wonderful voices and they made the best “one pokemon duet” that Tyler had ever seem.

Of course, he didn’t understood a single word of what they said, for all the songs they knew were in their original Iapanese language. However, this didn’t made them less beautiful or pleasant to hear. It ended up they had several styles of music, to the calmer and most traditional to the faster and more dancing tunes.

And sure, the pokemon who heard it liked it also. They all talked about how the songs were beautiful, though none of them could really understand what was being sang. However, they were not afraid of asking the twin bird the meaning of the songs, and Jin would be more than thankful to offer to them a translation to their language. And they found out that the songs were not only beautiful but also full of meaning, as they talked about moving forward, about union, about love, about redemption and about loneliness.

Indeed, many of the pokemon in there were starting to which that they were able to understand what was being sang in the original language, so they could get both the tune and the meaning at the same time.

Tyler smiled as he saw that they were receiving a good amount of attention from the other teams. Positive attention. Yet, it seemed that the Doduo were doing all the job, and Tyler was once again left off. The Tyrunt sighed at himself as he looked at the ground as he stood closer to Jin and Gon as they were singing lines of a song in Iapanese to the audience, who was clapping approvingly at them.

“Your friend has a nice voice.” Said someone nearby, and Tyler turned his head to look at a Mienshao, who looked down at him, with a certain air of superiority. Tyler looked up at the strange pokemon, and the stranger continued “I heard a little about your team. I expected that important people like you would be doing something more important than singing like some ruffians.”

Tyler looked at him, as he continued “Well, maybe it could be expected from your friend in there, since I don’t think it would be more useful than that.” He said with certain disdain, and Tyler didn’t liked the way he talked about Gon and Jin.

“What do you mean, ty?” he asked, and the Mienshao looked at him, as he continued “Just look at it, scranny, weak, clearly no muscle. Sure, it seems to have a good voice and some sophistication, however, it is clearly not made for battle or to be part of a group. I didn’t even got started with their color.”

Tyler felt a wave of disgust against that Mienshao, and he was about to answer, when Jin’s voice called him back. “Tyler!”

The small Tyrunt looked to see the Doduo running in his direction, and both came closer, as Jin asked “Excuse me, sir, who are you?”

The Mienshao looked at the twin bird with disdain, as he said “My name is Reuben, and just fo you to know, I’m a very important noble.”

“Oh, okay sir.” Jin said, as both he and Gon bowed their heads respectfully. Reuben seemed to approve it, for he said “Well, at least you know your place.”

Tyler felt anger for that arrogant guy, and Reuben continued “I noticed that you seem to be doing some less important things in here, so I’d like to ask you for a personal favor.” He said, and he didn’t even waited for their answer before he turned around and gestured them to follow, as if they had the obligation of doing as he said.

They shared a look, and they followed. Tyler was not looking happy at this guy suddenly arriving and acting as he owned their guild, to give them orders like that. They followed him for a few moments, until they were in front of a big purple tend.

The Mienshao stood in front fo them and he said “This is my tent, and I have kindly requested to the guild leaders for some volunteers to watch over it for the night, to make sure that no one of my goods are stolen. However, they said that…” he stopped and he frowned as his eye twitched slightly. He took a deep breath, and he continued “That their guilds had more important matters to deal with.” He said it with clenched teeth, clearly resentful, as if nothing else could be more important than someone taking care of his stuff.

Tyler and the twin bird shared a look, and Jin and Gon shared another among themselves, and Reuben simply ignored them, and he said “So, since the guilds doesn’t want to give me safety, I’m taking matters on my own hands.” He looked at the two pokemon in front of him “I want you two to watch over my tent while I’m gone for the night.”

“Where are you going, ty?”

“I’m taking care of my own life, like you should.” He spoke, rather aggressively, and Gon said, “He is only asking a question, sir.”

“And you.” Reuben said, pointing at the head who just spoke to him “Try to speak only when spoken to, and believe me, you will know when I’m speaking to you.”

This made both Gon and Jin to flinch, and Tyler felt like giving him a hard bite in the leg. How could he talk to them like that? Who he thought he was to treat others like that only because he was a noble? That was so wrong!

“So, I’ll be taking care of personal business tonight, and so, I want someone to watch over my tent to be sure that it will not be raided or damaged by any funny ruffian who wants to come near. Especially with the Hunters coming for me now.” He added the last part under his breath, but Tyler was able to hear it perfectly, and he thought that it was good. That pokemon really looked like just a meany and a bully who deserved to have people to mess with him. Tyler himself felt like doing so.

“I heard that recently your team had a little problem regarding your team leader, right?” Reuben asked directly to Tyler, and the Tyrunt only looked at him, and he nodded, and the Mienshao continued “So, I think that you will not mind forgetting about them and doing me this favor, right? Of course, I give you a certain compensation for the hard time that they will probably give you later.” He said as he pulled out a purse with three stars coins, and he handed it directly to Tyler, who got it and he kept looking at the Mienshao.

“I’ll be back in a few hours, and I hope my tent is in the same conditions I’m leaving it right now. I think this task is simply enough for you, right?” he said, and he walked away, leaving the two pokemon behind to watch over his stuff while he went to take care of whatever business he had.

There was a silence, and Gon said, “What exactly just happened?” However, this time, Jin didn’t knew how to answer, and he usually was the smarter of the two. However, Tyler said “What a jerk!” he said as he stomped the ground in anger.  “He is just a meany!”

“Yes, he really is not very sympathetic, but he is someone of importance, isn’t him?”

“But he can’t treat you like that!” Tyler said to the twin bird, and Gon and Jin seemed to be genuinely surprised for Tyler to care if someone mistreated them. However, Jin soon said “It’s okay, we are used to it.”

“But it is wrong, ty!” Tyler said, and the Doduo felt both touched due to someone really become upset in their name. It was a kind of thing that not happened to them everyday. Gon looked at Jin, and they both exchanged a brief look before Jin spoke.

“Well, I guess we don’t have much control over it, right?” This made Tyler look at him “After all, he already gave us the money, didn’t he?”

Tyler looked at the small purse with coins that was on his hand, and he sighed, knowing that maybe Jin was right. Bu that didn’t meant he had to be happy with that. All Tyler could do was look grumpy as they had to do a nice thing for a person they didn’t even knew and who was mean with them just because he thought he could.

But sure, there was the conflict about the mission that Robin had assigned them, and the fact that they could get themselves in trouble for leaving it to do a personal favor to someone. And this, of course, lead to a short of conflict over it.

“I thinkg we should stay on our mission.” Said Gon “Leaving like that is not a good way to start off as part of a team.”

“I agree, ty!” said Tyler “We don’t have to do a favor to that jerk, ty!”

Jin looked at both of them, not exactly having an argument to counter their affirmations. Sure, it was quite hard to discuss with a logic like that, specially because the Mienshao himself had said thjat the guild leaders had not attended for his request because it was not of main importance. Indeed, all they said only reinforced that they should not abide to it. But, there was the fact that the pokemon had already gave them to money, however, Tyler came up by saying that the guy was probably some spoiled brat who thought he could have everything his way. This seemed to make things a even harder for Jin to think about an answer to that.

The head sighed as he used one of their legs to grab a nearby bottle and he was already taking it to his lips to take a drink, when Tyler said, “No, ty!”

This made him and Gon jump slightly, as they both looked at the Tyrunt, and they were about to ask him what was the problem, when they looked at the bottle that Jin was about to drink from. It had not water, but instead, it seemed to be filled with some muddy water, and they instantly realized that if Jin had drank from it, it would surely not have been pleasantly for neither of them, due to the taste and to what it would have done to their stomach.

“What is that?” asked Jin, loking at the bottled mud he was holding, and Tyler said “It is a thing we got from another mission. It is some muddy water, ty.”

“And, why exactly do you keep it?”

“Cassidy said it might be useful, ty.” Tyler said, and Jin and Gon shared a look among themselves, both wondering just how exactly a bottle full of mud could be useful to someone. They were about to ask something like that to Tyler, when Gon perked his head.

“Did you hear that?” he asked, and this made Jin and Tyler look at him. They were wondering what he was talking about, when they heard the sound, it seemed like a battle, and it was not far from them.

“What is that?” asked Gon, and Tyler answered first “Let’s go check, ty!” and he immediately ran off. Jin and Gon took a few moments to recover and immediately run after him, completely forgetting about the tent that they were supposed to watch over and the whole situation that they were in now.

The only thing they knew and cared about was that if they let anything happen to Tyler, Blaze was most likely never going to forgive them. And that was not a thing that they were willing to happen, not after all that had happened till now.

The small tyrunt, however, proved to be slightly faster than them, having strength on his small but muscled legs. And even Gon and Jin, with their naturally strong les of their species, had trouble to keep up with him, due to their usual routine without great adventures. However, they were able to reach Tyler at one point, when he stopped and was hidden behind a cactus.

“Tyler, what..?” Jin was asking, but he and Gon both were

Startled by a cry as they heard an explosion. Both of them jumped slightly, and immediately ducked to hide behind the cactus with Tyler. Shakenly, Jin perked his head out, to see just what Tyler was looking at.

He saw three pokemon. One of them was a squirtle girl with a broad brim hat in her head and likely gloves in her hands. And also there was a Bulbasaur girl, with a dress hat and a scarf around her neck. They both seemed to be fighting a bigger pokemon, a big Glavantula who cried out as he shoot Electrowebs into them, missing them by very little.

The ambient around them was filled with elector webs, which sparkled with electricity as they had gotten stuck in the middle of many things, like some other cactus and rocks.

“W-what is that?” said Jin as he looked at that scene, and Tyler said “These ones are Tays and Mayara, ty!”

Indeed, he recognized perfectly the two girls who formed their own team and who were Slasther’s nieces. The two sisters run around as they were trying to score their own attacks into the bigger pokemon.

“Take that!” said Tays as she shot a Water Gun at him. It hit, but seemed to have little effect. He laughed, and he shoot another Electro Web at her. She would have been hit, if it was not by Mayara, who used one of her vines to grabs her and pull her out of the way, as the web landed in the ground, cracking with electricity.

The Bulbasaur only had time to place her sister in the ground, before the Galvantula used a Charge Beam, aimed right at her. She only had time to gasp as the beam of pure energy came in her direction, but it didn’t really made contact with her. It was thanks to Tays, who jumped in the way, and used immediately Iron Defense to harden her shell and to receive all the power of the attack. However, the sheer force still pushed both her and Mayara back as the Squirtle could still feel a strong pain in her body as she was hit square by that beam, even with her hardened body. They both groaned a little as they recovered.

“Oh my!” said Jin, for he knew that these two were into trouble. Not only the pokemon they were facing was clearly bigger and stronger than them, but they were weak to both its types, what made the battle even less advantageous to them.

“Tyler, what do we-” Jin was asking, but when he looked, the Tyrunt was no longer there.


“Jin!” said Gon as he looked at something, and Jin also looked, to see Tyler running in direction to the big spider pokemon. The small Tyrunt cried out loudly as he jumped I direction to the big electric tarantula.

The big pokemon barely had time to think as he was suddenly hit and threw sideways, reeling on the ground. Tays and Mayara recovered, and they looked at their savior, instantly recognizing the Tyrunt, even if he was bigger than before.

“Tyler!” said Mayara, as she looked at the now taller dinosaur. Tyler smiled at them, but they had not time to exchange words, since the Galvantula was already up, and he was looking at the Tyrunt who dared to attack him. “Another one?” he cried out, as he looked at the dinosaurs “Well, I don’t mind beating you too!” He said as he started charging another Charge Beam. Tyler looked at him as he was ready to take the fight. However, he barely had time, for in that moment, a green blur came, and it landed over the Galvantula, breaking his focus and making him cry out as he was suddenly assaulted by several pecks.

Jin and Gon used their Fury attack into the big Glavantula, more to distract him than to make any real damage. They barely had time to think as they saw that Tyler was going to be attacked. The panic in their eyes when Tyler was going to be the target to that attack was quickly replaced with an instinctive fury as they both jumped, having in their minds to only protect the young pokemon.

Tyler, Mayara and Tays looked surprised at that shiny Doduo who was pecking the pokemon that was attacking them, all of them admired. However, soon the twin bird was threw back as the big tarantula-like pokemon moved its body, making them fly back and land on their back.

Tyler immediately ran to them, and helped them get back to their feet. Soon, they were facing the big pokemon again, along with Tyler. Tays and Mayara were right by the other side, all of them now facing the big arachnid. The younger pokemons looked to be ready for battle, while Jin and Gon, they seemed more inclined to escape. Nevertheless, the Galvantula looked at all of them, and he cried out “You will all pay for attacking me!”

Jin and Gon flinched, and they were ready to turn around and to run, but Tyler said, “You will not attack my friends, ty!”

“You think you can come here and cause trouble?” said Tays looking at him, and she was ready to fight, as well as Mayara, both of them looking straight at the bigger pokemon, who hissed at them, getting ready to attack. However, he was distracted when he was hit square-on by some rocks, making him cry out.

Tyler’s Ancient Power made a good deal of damage at him, but it seemed to only made him angrier. The big spider cried out as he shoot a Charge Beam at the young Tyrunt. However, once again, Jin and Gon were at place. They both took position in front of Tyler and they lowered their heads in the ground level as a line of green energy connected their beaks. They then raised their heads, raising a scree of green energy in front of them.

The screen acted as a powerful shield, blocking the beam that had came from the big electric spider, almost as a water pistol aimed against a brick wall. All the viewers were impressed by this, including Tyler himself.

Sure, Jin and Gon were not very good in physical combat, so, on their own, they enhanced their fighting way more to protect themselves than to Actually go in combat and fight the enemy. This protection was just one of their ways to avoid damage into combat.

The Galvantula cried out in anger when he saw his attack being blocked by that puny bird, and he decided to attack on his own. He immediately jumped over, going above the screen of light and just about to fall over the poor twin bird, which looked up in fear.

However, he was stopped by two vines that tied up around his back legs, and pulled him away. He only had time to cry out as Mayara used her vines to threw him back, making him land painfully on his back. He flailed his legs trying to get up, and while this, Tays used this chance to give him her most powerful Water Gun, hitting him square and sending him reeling in the ground.

However, the attack had little effect on him. Matter of fact, it even helped him get back on his feet, and he screamed in anger at these kids who dared to attack him.

He was an important pokemon! They were just a bunch of kids and a scrawny shiny! They had no chance against him! He was going to make they all regret having crossed his way!

As he recovered and got ready to attack, Mayara and Tays grouped with Tyler and the Doduo, and the Squirtle said “Good to see you again, kid.”

“You are bigger?” asked Mayara, but she was cut out when Tays said, “And this guy?”

“They are the new members of our team, ty!”

“Nice to met you.” Said Jin, still looking nervous as well as Gon, as they saw that the Galvantula was looking at them with what could be seem as a positively murderer look.”

“Blaze is around?” Tays asked, thinking that the big fire-type would be very handy now, but Tyler shook his head “He is out on patrol. It is just us, ty.”

Tays sighed, “Than it will have to be us.” She said as she adjusted her hat and she was facing the big Galvantula, getting ready to fight it. Seeing this, both Tyler and Mayara followed her example. Gon and Jin only shared a look as they saw that the kids really were wanting to fight.

“What are you doing!” said Jin in desperation, as he saw the Galvantula reading another attack. “We must get out of here now!”

“This guy is planning on attacking people!” said Mayara “We can’t let him do it!”

“Totally!” said Tays.

“But it is too dangerous!” said Jin, and Gon was still looking at the Galvantula, who was shining with the sheer power he was cumulating for his next attack. “He is too strong, and we need to go and search for help!”

“We will not run, ty!” said Tyler, with a determination that shocked Jin, “We are Explorers, and it is our job to protect people! Just like we protected you, ty!”

His affirmation caught both Jin and Gon out of guard. And this made them reflect. They shred a look among themselves, and they looked at the Galvantula, and back at Tyler, who was still facing the big spider-like pokemon, and ready to go for a fight. They shared one last look, and Jin sighed. “So we are with you.” He said. The younger pokemon smiled at them, and Gon also did. However, Jin had the feeling that this was one thing that he was possibly going to regret later.

The Galvantula roared as he fired a Charge beam at them. Immediately, Jin said “Duck!”

“Where?” said Mayara as she looked around, and Tyler had to get her gently with his jaws as he jumped out of the way of the beam, along with Tays and the Doduo, All moving to different directions.

The Galvantula roared again as he missed his attack, and he started throwing Electro Webs at them aiming to get at least one.

Tyler was still carrying Mayara to out of danger, while Tays, Jin and Gon were dodging each one of the webs. They knew that, due to their types, if they got stuck into these webs things would be really ugly for them real quickly.

Jin and Gon were worried, for they knew that their attack were useless against the spider, and Tyler was the only one who could do true damage to that guy. However, he was too busy protecting Mayara, and also, the Galvantula already showed that he had strong moves and that he could do sever damage to Tyler if he made a wrong move.

All of their moves were into combat tactics, and they had not a single move that could be useful to really make damage to that creature. They didn’t knew any move that could cause him damage or that could mess with his own powers, and they…

“The bottle!” Jin said suddenly, making Gon look at him. The head turned to Tyler, and he said “Tyler, the bottle of mud!”

Tyler looked at him for a few seconds, wondering what he meant, and he got it. He picked up the bottle full of muddy water, but he was unsure about what use it could have. Still, he threw it to the twin bird in the same moment that he dodged another electro web.

Jin and Gon immediately jumped after it, and they grabbed it with one of their legs. Jin immediately said something in Iapanese to his brother, who looked at him, and then nodded, as if he had understood what was the plan.

They both looked at the Galvantula, who looked at them, and he said, “Seems like I’ll eat roasted bird tonight!” as his body started to glow with electricity.

Gon flinched as his instincts told him to run. However, Jin looked at him, and he said “Blaze.” This was more than enough for Gon to understand the motive, and he nodded, though he was still scared, thinking of Blaze somehow made him feel more brave, as well as his brother. So, they both ran right in direction to the Galvantula.

The spider cried out as he Shoot out Thunder Bolts into the twin bird. They were able to dodge the first one, and it slightly shocked their leg, making them flinch. However, they were able to land in their foot and keep running. Better saying, they were hopping into the ground as they were holding the muddy water in their other foot, still, their strong leg allowed them to keep hopping in direction to the Glavantula at a considerable speed.

The Big tarantula pokemon got ticked off by that creature’s daring into running into him, and he started to glow and crack as he charged another Thunder Bolt. However, this time Jin and Gon acted first. They immediately started oscillating, as if they were vibrating really fast. Then, they suddenly split into five Doduos, which all run in direction to the Galvantula from different directions.

The Galvantula was shocked by seeing this, and he looked at the five Doduos who now were circling him, each one hopping on one leg while the other held onto a bottle filled with something. Their Double Team was making it very hard for him to be able to hit the right one. He simply cried out as he started shooting his Thunder Bolts everywhere, trying to hit the right one. Each time he hit one, the attack passed straight forward as that one disappeared. However, it didn’t helped that al of them acted as they were the original, dodging, jumping and ducking to avoid being hit as they started running closer and closer to him, tightening the circle they were making around him.

The Galvantula was really getting ticked off, so he cried out as he let out a turrent of Thunder Bolts in all directions to hit the bird that was making a fool out of him. He was able to hit two more, making them vanish, and now were left only two, who quickly hopped around him as they got even closer.

The Galvantula shoot one last Thunder bolt at one of them, making it disappear, and nit was left only one. He turned to it, and he said, “Now I got you!” and he shoot an Electro Web, aiming to entangle and electrify the bird that dared to mock him. He was anxious to her its pained cries as it was shocked. However, these never came, for in the moment the web hit the twin bird, this one disappeared, along with all the others, and the web passed right forward and landed on the ground, crackling electricity.

“What!?” The Galvantula said, and he took a few moments to realize what had happened, and look around, and he only saw Jin and Gon once they had jumped, and were no over his head. He looked up and saw then coming down at him. He roared at the audacity of these two birds, and he readied another Thunder Bolt, aiming to shoot this one right in the bird to make it fry.

However, he didn’t had change, for in that moment, he was hit on the side and the face by stones and a stream of water. Ancient Power and Water Gun, courtesy of Tyler and Tays. And this distracted him just for enough time for Gon and Jin to swing their leg, and to make all the content of the bottle to be thrown at the Galvantula.
He barely even recovered when he saw a ball of mud flying in his direction, and hitting him square, with the full force of a Mud Slap.

He cried out as the mud hit him in the face, impacting him at the same time that it covered his eyes, and it somehow managed to spread to the rest of his body.

Gon and Jin landed on the ground, and looked at the Galvantula, both surprised as it seemed that their strategy had worked better than they had hoped.

The big spider cried out as he tried to clean the mud off his face. He tok a few seconds, but he managed to take it off enough to be able to see, and he looked at the bird who dared to attack him. He cried out in pure hatred and he charged a Thunder Bolt do shot it at the bird. This time, it hit them square, making them cry out as the electricity run through their sensitive bodies.

He smirked, by seeing them receive damage, however, he was surprised by seeing them still standing, though they seemed to be very hurt. He blinked as he wondered why his attack didn’t fried them as if they were fleshcap in the fire, and he realized it. The mud that was covering him. It was getting in the way of his energy, and it was not allowing him to charge a decent attack.

Anyway, he noticed that his attack made a good damage, and he was ready to make another, when he heard a cry, and he turned to see the Tyrunt running in direction, his face red, smoke coming from his nostrils and his eyes burning with anger. The Galvantula immediately shoot a Thunder Bolt in him, and it hit him, but it seemed that the Tyrunt had not even felt it. The resistance he had, added with the reduced power due to the mud, rendered the attack to feel a little more than a slightly shock from static.

Tyler cried out as he screamed “No one attacks my friends, ty!” and he slammed his head with the big spider, sending him to the air high.

The Galvantula got disoriented as he spun in the air, unsure of what was up and what was down. After a while, he was up in the air, so high that he was sure he could see all of Geoda, however, he soon went down, and he cried out as he was falling, flailing his body as he tried in vain to stop the fall, but he found himself unable to.

He was about to hit them ground when Tays hit him square with a Water Gun, sending him flying again, and while in the air, he was suddenly hit by two vines at full force, which sent him straight to the ground, creating a small crater. When the dust settled, the Glavantula was in there, knocked out.

There was a few moments of silence, as all the pokemon in there absorbed what happened, and then Mayara cried out “We did it!” And she started to dance around as she was saying “We did it! We did it! We did it!”

Tays smiled at her sisters behavior, and Tyler smiled too. However, he had no time to cheer, as he turned to Jin and Gon,s eeing that they were still hurt, and they stumbled a little, and almost went to the ground. Luckly, Tyler was there to support them with his own body. “Guys! Are you okay, ty!?”

Jin and Gon looked at him, and Jin said, “It is okay… we have been through worse. Are you okay?”
“Just a sting, but you two seem to be hurt, ty!” Tyler said, and the two Doduo looked at him, and Jin said, “Yeah, it seems that his attacks were really strong.” And they both flinched as they tried to stand, and Tyler looked up at them. Them without hesitation, he crouched and immediately started carrying the two of them onto his back, as if they really had no weight.

Jin and Gon got both startled by this, and they tried to get down, but Tyler insisted to carry them, saying that: “We are a team, and we are friends, and friends do that for each other, ty.” As he smiled at them. Jin and Gon looked at him, and they both blushed as they simply nodded, accepting to be carried by the younger pokemon.

Tyler walked to Tays and Mayara, and they both greeted him “Quite a fight, wasn’t it?” said the Squortle, and the Tyrunt only nodded, and Tays said “We all did a great job, including you, Tyler, and specially your new friend.”

“And Lala and Lili!” said Mayara, gesturing to her vines., which nodded eagerly, and Tays scratched the back of her neck as she said “Yeah, they also did a wonderful job.”

Gon and Jin looked at the scene before them, and at Tyler, the Tyrunt only shrugged and then it remained in silence. Until Tays’ voice came again “It was nice that you two were around.”

“Yeah, a jerk got us fro our mission to watch over his stuff, ty.” Tyler said, and Tays and Mayara soon wanted to hear more, and soon as Tyler explained it, they understood.

“Reuben, isn’t it?” she said, with a scowl look in her face “That guy is a total jerk. Do you believe he has been around recruiting people from the Hunters to try to get their own guild leaders kicked from the hotel so he can have the suit? He says that he deserves it better.”

“He is such a meany!” said Mayara, as Tyler absorbed this information and Jin and Gon traded looks. Maybe that was the “business” that Reuben said he would be taking care of. Tyler now agreed more than ever that the guy was a meany, and he wished to pay back at him somehow. However, his thoughts of vendetta were interrupted by Tays’ voice again “Well, anyway, it was good that you came, otherwise we would not have been able to beat this guy.” She said as she gestured to the unconscious shape of the Galvantula.

“This guy was trying to sneak into the camp by night, and he seemed to be ready to start some trouble. We went on his way, of course, but he was proving to be a challenge. If you two hadn’t’ showed up I think we would be in big trouble with this guy.”

“It was nothing, ty.” Said Tyler, and Mayara said, “But, what we do now?” Tyler looked at her, and then back at the big spider in the ground, and he looked around, to see the webs he let out, still cracking with electricity, and he said “I got it, ty!”


“I have to say that you all did a wonderful job.” Said Robin as some of the pokemon were taking away the Galvantula, stuck into his own Electrowebs, occasionally twitching and yelping as they shocked him.

“I never expected you guys to take someone like him down.” The Banette admitted to the four pokemon in front of him. “I mean, he is one of the main leaders of these goons that attacked us, and he is one of the strongest of them. And you all are…” he stopped for a moment as he looked at them, and he simply said, “Well, I’m really impressed. This will be a good thing to the registers of your teams.”

The four pokemon smiled proudly as they knew that they probably had earned themselves a good reputation that night. And they even got paid! Three star coins to each of their teams! It was indeed very good! Therefore, soon Tays and Mayara bided farewell to their friends, and walked back, ready to take a well deserved rest.

Tyler stayed behind, with Jin and Gon, as the birds still seemed hurt form the shock. They winced as Tyler was with them, and the Tyrunt said “We got a lot of money tonight, ty!” he said, adding the three coins they have received from Robin for catching that criminal to the three coins that had gotten from Reuben’s for watching over his tent…

“Tyler…” said Gon as he looked at the smaller Tyrunt “There was a lot of webs in there, and you only got a few to make that bindindgs… what you did with the rest?”

Tyler looked at him, and he smiled.

Meanwhile, at Reuben’s barrack

The Meinshao had just came back from a very frustrating night, and he barely even minded that the two ruffians he had hired to watch over his stuff were not there. All he wanted was to get inside and drop to his bed so he could…

“What in name of..!?!?” he cried out as he got inside, for his barrack had been completely filled in the insides with cracking webs of electricity. They hand across the cloth walls form one side to another and some even connected the ceiling and the ground.

Reuben was so taken back that he bumped into one of them, being immediately shocked and crying out as he pulled himself away, almost ripping ng the web as it was sticky. He only was able to tangle himself in more webs and to receive more zapps of electricity, which could be heard in the outside, along with his cries of pain.

After a few moments, they whole tent collapsed over Reuben, and after a few moments, he let out a loud cry.


Back to our heroes

“I used it to a good cause, ty.” Was Tyler sheepish answer, and the Doduo could only wonder among themselves what the Tyrunt mean by that. They flinched as they felt the pain on their body from the still lingering electricity.

“Are you okay, ty?” Tyler asked, sounding genuinely worried about them. The Doduo looked at him, and Jin said, “We will be fine, we have passed through worse.”

Tyler looked at them, and he picked up something from his purse, it was a plushy doll that looked a lot like Luke, the Leader of the Explorers.

The Doduo looked curiously at it, and Tyler said “When I fell hurt or sad, I cuddle up with Lukie, and then we sleep and when I wake up I feel a lot better.” He said, and he offered the plush to them. The heads shared a look among themselves, unsure if this was really a medical treatment, but the Tyrunt seemed to be sure of it.

After a while, they agreed to try it out, and as they did, Tyler snuggled with them along with the plush, almost in a complete hug to sleep. Tyler said, “Good night.” And he was soon sleeping with them. Jin and Gon shared a look, and they soon followed switch, and they noticed, to their own surprise, that even before they were completely sleeping, they were already feeling somewhat refreshed.

They slept before Blaze arrived in their tent. He was wanting some explanation about the story of the Galvantula he heard when he came back. However, when he saw the two pokemon cuddling with the plushy, he felt most of his worries disappear, and he decided to only let them sleep.

He would talk to the three of them in the morning…
Tyler, Jin and Gon's sidequest while Blaze is away. It seems like they had some trouble to stay out of trouble :D

Team Ancient Flame APP:…

Team Exploiting the Dawn (c) :icondracyor:

To :icondracyor:, sorry for using your team in such a BIG role without talkign to you first, I hope you are not mad ^^; But, I have hpes that you can use it to make like some collab, in which both our teams can win ^^
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