June Explorer's Task 3#: The Underground Door

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After Cassidy’s explanation, all pokemon in there put themselves to work, moving the Earth in front of them. They were busy working, when suddenly “Ty!”, and a small brown blur passed and started moving all the earth by it’s own.

“Ty! Ty! Ty! Ty! Ty! Ty! Ty!”

Earth and mud were flying to all sides, some pokemon were even hit by it in the face. The ones able to see saw that the blur was actually a small Tyrunt shoving all the earth aside with his little hands, legs and even using his head to push it all out of the way.

Cassidy looked with a raised eyebrow while Blaze walked to his side and smiled slightly. Cassidy turned to the combusken.

“The little guy works really hard.”

“You have no idea.”

“Done, ty!” called Tyler, as most of the earth was now out of the way to the tunnel. Cassidy walked forward “Good work, but remember that this place is not very secure, you have to be careful removing the earth. And be sure to not throw mud into the rivers, we drink from it.”

“Ty!” Tyler said as he nodded frantically, and Cassidy added “And be careful with the red things, they explode if you touch.”

“Awesome, ty!”

Cassidy chuckled “I want to see you saying it after stepping in one. Okay now, we have some tunnels to check, split up and get one! If you meet then just scream and the echoes will make all the others hear it!”

And with that, they all departed, each team having one different tunnel of the path. Tyler and Blaze picked one that went in several curves, and Tyler was able to easily break every bolder in their way, and move the earth, and even Blaze was able to help, melting the earth with fire and using Bulk Up to move it out of the way with cheer strength.

Passing by on tunnel, they found an opening that let them see a huge lake underwater, that flew by several branches of rivers underwater. Blaze looked at it This must be all the water supply of Andaluss He thought amazed at himself, he removed a vial with water from his bag and drank it all in one gulp. He was going to offer a few to Tyler, when suddenly…


Tyler started digging madly at all the earth in his way, and the mud flew everywhere. Including in the Lake’s direction!!!

Blaze barely thought as he made a quickly jump and used his speed and his thunder punch to hit the mud, dodging it to all directions, unless the river. “Tyler!” Blaze called, but Tyler seemed not to have heard it.

“Tyler! Tyler, stop!” Blaze said, as he redirected the last shoots of Earth, he even used his body to shield the water. Only when Tyler stopped, he already threw one last shot of mud, which went past Blaze.

The Combusken, spinning and bending his body, was able to raise the water vial in front of the mud, and by miracle or by skill of the Combusken, it went all inside the vial, with just a few of it staining his hand, not a single drop landed into the water.

Tyler finally looked at him, and seeing him covered into mud made him finally realize it.

“Sorry, ty.” The small dinosaur pokemon said ashamed, Blaze sighed, and cleaned his body form the mud, but most of it stained his feathers “Just be more careful.” He said as he got free from the rest of it, and they resumed their work.

Tyler was now being more careful and was moving the earth more carefully, losing a bit of speed, but being also more finest with the removal of it. The lake and the river’s finally got out of their sight and they continued. They met more earth in their way, and even some more stones that Tyler could easily throw out of the way or smash into pebbles with a head butt.

They were at an open path now, and they could sight something in the end of it. It seemed like some big object made out of cooper.

“It is it! Lets go there, ty!” said Tyler as he ran forward, but when he ran, Blaze noticed something in his way, it was red and pointy. The Combusken’s eyes widened as he ran after the tyrunt saying “Tyler! Look out!”

Tyler turned to him as his foot descended into the red thing, but it didn’t touched it, because he was raised from the ground by Blaze.

“Hey!” said Tyler, and Blaze pointed to the thing in the ground, and Tyler’s eyes widened when he saw it. One more step and he would have gone boom!

Blaze looked around, and saw that there were a few more of those things coming out in regular spaces along the path. It was like a minefield, one wrong step and they would be blew into small pieces.

“What do we do now, ty?” asked Tyler, and Blaze carried him as he said “We go forward very carefully.”

And with that said, Blaze started going forward, being very careful not to step into any of the natural explosives. His natural swiftness allowed him to dance through the things in his way rather well, and making large jumps to avoid all of it. After a few minutes, they were past those things, and only the door was now ahead of them.

Blaze sighed in relieve, and put Tyler on the ground, and the Tyrunt immediately ran to the dor, and stood in front of it, it was big and seemed to be made out of grass, and it also seemed to be heavily locked, like someone wanted it to really remain shut.

“Ooooh!” said Tyler marveled, and Blaze walked to his side. “I wanna be a Piplup if this is not it!” he said smiling. “Okay, now we must make this thing bigger for a base, and then we call Cassidy and the others!”

It took no time for both of them to work. They made a lot of effort to clean up the place and create a circular clearing all around the door, moving the earth and breaking all the stones in their way. When they finished, Blaze was sweaty, but Tyler didn’t even seemed tired, actually, he could have continued with this all day.

“Phew!” said Blaze “Finally, all done. Now we just need to search for Cassidy to say-”

But before Blaze could finish, Tyler screamed “Cassidy!” making the whole cave tremble and Blaze’s ears hurt “We found it, ty! Just follow the echo! And careful, those “boom stones” are on the way, ty!”

When the small tyrunt finished, his voice was still sounding for minutes across the tunnels, and Blaze’s ears were ringing, he looked at the small tyrunt, who said innocently “What? He said to scream, ty!”

In fact, they just had to wait a few more minutes, before Cassidy showed up, quickly and swiftly dodging all the Bustershoots in the way and arriving in the opening they created, soon other pokemon started coming in their way, some having problems not stepping into the explosives.

Cassidy looked around and whistled “Yeah, you boys did a really good job down here. It is really the first time you make an underground work?”

Blaze smiled “We did what we could.”

Cassidy nodded “Good, and a good place for an base.”

“Won’t those Bustershots be a problem?” asked Blaze, and Cassidy said simply “Nah, we can ‘ork ‘hem out later, no problem. Now we just need to burst open that-”


“-door?” finished Cassidy as he and Blaze looked, as they saw Tyler spitting out the scrappy remains of what they deduced was the brass door, leaving the entrance to the dungeon wide open.

“Done, ty!” said happily the tyrunt. Blaze sweat dropped while Cassidy only chuckled “I’m starting to like yah boys.” He said, and Blaze took of the bottle of water to take a gulp, only to remember that it was now muddy and, most likely, undrinkable.

Cassidy looked at him and at the bottle “What is this?” he asked, only to Blaze to answer “It was water, but I guess I can’t drink it now.”

“Yah can.” Said Cassidy “It’s just not very pleasan’.”

Blaze chuckled “So, I should just throw it off…”

“Actually.” Said Cassidy “I would keep it if I were yah.”

Blaze looked at him curiously “Keep a bottle of muddy water?”

Cassidy smiled “The mud ‘round here his very minerals and very special properties.” He said, winking at Blaze “It can come very handy, if yah know how to use.”
Here a lot of underground work. Tyler is all excited and Blaze got covered in mud :lol: But they finalized the mission with no damage and very disciplened... almost

As a reward, they earned a Bottle of Muddy Water, it may come handy in the future

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