June Explorer's Task 2#: Building the Post

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Luke was walking with several wood planks on his arms as he walked. By his side, were walking Blaze, who also was carrying planks using Bulk Up, and Tyler, who was carrying a lot balanced on his head, like he was carrying no weight.

The three pokemon walked a long way from Andaluss to the place into Subseed Forest, to the same tree stump that was marked by both pokemon earlier. They walked calmly, passing by all trees in there and being careful not to disturb anyone, until they arrived into the tree stump that was marked with an X over it.

Luke and Blaze placed their planks gently into the ground, while Tyler simply let it all go into the floor, making quite noise. Both pokemon looked at him as he said innocently “What?”

Luke sighed, and then, he suddenly turned around to the woods, as if he had heard something. He cnarrowed his eyes, and sighted some Phamtumps, who smiled evilly at him. Before Luke could even do a thing, Tyler stepped, facing angrily at the ghost types. Luke saw their grins turn into faces of pure horror, before they turned away and ran as fast as they could.

Luke blinked confused, and looked at Tyler, who simply smiled to himself. Luke soon shook it off, and said “Okay, lets get to work! We need to settle out this before the sun falls!” He said, ready to get to work, when he suddenly felt a stabbing in his ribs, and winced in pain.

Blaze and Tyler ran to him “Luke, are you alright?” asked Blaze, and Luke leaned in him slightly for support. Luke had not completely healed from Regigigas crunching attack, and was still having some pain now and then, but he made his best to not let it show.

“I’m fine.” He said, but his voice seemed forced “We need to work in this.”

“You’re still healing, ty!” said Tyler “You need to rest, ty!”

Luke smiled at the infant pokemon “No, I’m fine, you two will need my help to settle out this place.” He tried to walk, but Tyler held his leg and he found himself unable to move, the Tyrunt seemed more setrious now “If you work you will be more hurt! You rest and we can work in this, ty!”

Luke looked at him, and Blaze said “Tyler is right, you are still recovering, we will settle this and you try to relax.”

Luke stared at both pokemon “But… is to much work, you won’t take care of that alone!”

Blaze looked at him in the eye “We fought off Regigigas along with you, defeated a dangerous ninja and beated out a group of Phamtumps.” He said smilling “I think we can handle building a new post.”

“B-but…” Luke said, but Tyler looked at him “You have to rest, ty.” He said “We don’t want you to get more hurt, ty.” He said, sounding very sincere “We can take care of it, ty.”

Luke looked at him for a moment, and then relaxed “Okay…” he said finally “I’ll let you two work. But promise me that if you want any help you will say.”

“We promise.” Said Blaze, and Tyler smiled at Luke, who sighed, and leaned against a tree to rest, and Blaze and Tyler walked forward to work into the new post.

“What we do now, ty?” asked Tyler, and Blaze answered “Firstly we need to make some supports with the planks, to make the base of the new post.”

Soon they started doing exactly this, they settle several wood planks into the place around the tree stump, and soon applied force to make then into what seemed a very rustic floor. Both sighed as they were done with this, and only the tree stump was left in there, surrounded by some support planks for the foundations of the new post.

Blaze scratched his head, thinking as he looked at the tree stump. “If they’re going to make it to the dungeon, then we need to get that out of the way.” He said, more to himself then to Tyler.

He did not expected the Tyrunt to say “Leave this with me!” and ran into the tree stump, yanking it out like it was a bottle and tossing it into the woods. The trees balanced, and some buzzing was heard as it seemed to have waked up some wild insect type.

Scared, and in a hurry, Blaze searched into his bag, and pulled out the Apricorn Ocarina Vinnie had made for them. Blaze already had some experience playing flute, and so, he started making music out of the Ocarina. A soft tune that resembled the breeze whistling in a leaf.

The soft music flowed through all the place, soon the insect types that were rudlly disturbed in the middle of their nap, fell back into a deep slumber. Blaze sighed, and looked around, the forest was peaceful again, and he saw that Luke was snoring softly in his resting place.

“Wew, Tyler, this one was really…” Blaze said turning to his little brother, and saw that he was curled over himself, snoring away.

“Tyler!” he called, shaking him awake, and the Tyrunt groggily opened his eyes and looked all around him, Blaze sighed “Be more careful, we still have work to do.”


Luke yawned wide and stretched his body, he scratched the back of his head as he blinked lazily and looked around, there was an orange glow into the sky “Man, how long I dozed off?” Luke asked himself, and turning his head, his eyes widened.

In front of him was a construction that seemed very well made, and that himself would have taken five days to build on his own. It had door, widows and even had two towers that probably served as observation towers.

“Wow!” Luke said, he walked to the door and ventured inside. He found Blaze  putting some chais in place as Tyler moved a few pillows into the place that seemed for rest. The place was nice and very cozy. Both pokemon turned to him in the moment he came in “Ah, Luke!” said Blaze “I was about to go wake you up to see the place.”

“Wow, boys…” Luke said slowly “You did that all alone?”

Both boys nodded, Luke was silent for a moment, before saying “This is amazing! But… where is the tree stump?” he asked after noticing the absent of the place where was the entrance of the dungeon.

Tyler walked to the center of the house, and picked up a small doorknob, and pulled it to reveal a trapdoor, that gave entrance to a unworked tunnel, that leaded underground. “We thought that it was going to be easier with the stump out of the way.” said Blaze.

Luke chuckled “Well thought, you did a good job in here.” He said, looking all around.

“It would be better with a trampoline, ty.” Tyler said in a low voice, and Luke finished checking out all the “You did an amazing job in here, and all alone! That’s the most impressive.” Blaze scratched the back of his head “We do what we can.” He saind, and then he noticed something blue poking out of Luke’s bag.

“What is this?” he asked, pointing at the poking blue thing, Luke noticed and pulled it out, revealing to be a plush version of himself. “Oh, this? Is just a toy, Cassidy says it helps passing a good image and with the funds.” He said with a smile.

Both pokemon than noticed that Tyler was staring at the plush, somewhat desiring. Luke looked at the plush, and smiled at the small pokemon. He was still a kid, after all. “Do you want?” he asked, offering the plush to the small dinosaur.

Tyler looked surprised at him “Ty?” Luke smiled at him “You two did a great work, I guess this is the least I can offer.”

Tyler remained silently for a few moments, and then suddenly…

“TY!” he jumped and grabbed the plush, making both Luke and Blaze step back a little. “I’m gonna call it Lucky, ty!” he said as he hugged tight the plush. Both pokemon laughed at Tyler’s as he cuddled with the little plush that was now his’.
Team Ancient Flame once again show their talents.

They earned a Merit and Tyler got himself a new plushy friend ^^

Team APP:…
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