June Explorer's Task 1#: Search in Subseed

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Blaze stood in front of the forest where they were going to make their search, with a group of other pokemon, Tyler by his side. The small Hawlucha known as Vinnie turned to the group and said.

“Okay, now remember our goal, find the entrance of the dungeon near an old tree stump! If you find it, then you mark the place and come back! Try not disturbing the insect type, and be careful not to get lost, those darn Phantumps would love to make you off fool! Okay, now lets split up and find that entrance!”

“Hooray!” Everyone of the Explorers called and they all parted their ways as Vinnie went to watch over them from above.

“Okay, ty!” Tyler cried out “Lets go! I’ll trump this whole forest, ty!” he said as he was ready to run, but was suddenly raised from the ground, and he looked at Blaze, who was holding him by the tail.

“No, you don’t.” the Copmbusken said serious “We will do it like Vinnie told us, no destroying the forest and not distuburbing the pokemon. This is serious.”

“Awww.” Whined Tyler as he put up an annoyed face and crossed his little arms. Blaze sighed, and put the pokemon on his back, and said “Just stay there and let me do the work, okay?”

“Okay, ty.” Said Tyler, sounding grumpy. Blaze nodded, and walked into the woods.


Blaze was fast on his tracks, even with Tyler on his back. He jumped between the branches and quickly made his way into the borders of the forest, looking on every tree slump in their way. His ability and his perception allowed him to see any pratfalls, avoid the weak branches and prevented him from getting lost. His days into the mist made him develop a great sense of direction.

“Who long it will take, ty?” whined Tyler, and Blaze had to tell him for the eighty time that made only fifteen minutes since the last time he said that. “It is not simple.” He said as he stopped in a branche to jump “We can’t simply find the tree stump with all those stumps in here, otherwise it would already been found.”

Tyler mumbled something about being bored, and Blaze sighed at the young dinosaur pokemon. He jumped across the forest, stopping in each tree stump in the way, and looking at them, trying to find the entrance. He was not being successful, and he landed into the ground to catch his breath.

Tyler jumped out of his back, and walked around. Blaze was about to walk again, when a vine wrapped around his ankle and made him trip into the ground. Blaze felt the air dragging away from his lungs as he hit the ground, and Tyler turned around to see the copmbuken flat into the ground.

Some laughter come from the woods, both turned to see it, and more vines came out and tied around Blaze’s ankles and wrists, and raised him slightly from the ground. And then, he started being moved, like a puppet.

“Blaze!” called Tyler as he ran to his older brother, who was doing some short of dance, as some laughter came form the woods. Tyler jumped into the Vines, and bite them down the better he could, only for his teeth to goo straight through the vines like they did not existed.

Tyler looked  confused at the vines, but Blaze knew what to do, using Bulk UP, he made his body strong enough to move the vines, and breathed fire over then. Some cries were heard form thye woods, and the vines let go and retracted.

Blaze landed safely in the ground, and turned around. A few second later, more vines came from the woods, and those ones tied around Tyler’s torso. In the moment they tied, they tried to drag him, but the small tyrunt firmed his body, and puled the vines.

As he did so, the Phamtumps who those vines belonged, were pulled out of the woods, and landed right in front of them. The looked up as their vines retracted, and Tyler was looking angrily at them as stones flew around his body.


The Phamtumps were in the ground, all beaten up, as Tyler “Humph”ed and turned around to meet with Blaze “Those guys aren’t nice, ty.” He said annoyed, and Blaze laughed “Yeah, but I guess that they have learned their lesson.”

As the Combusken talked, he spotted a tree trump that seemed very old. He looked curiously at it “Could it be?” he asked himself, as he rushed to the old stump, and started examining it from close. After almost one minute, he saw what seemed an apricorn stuck into a hole, he removed the small fruit, and discovered a hole that seemed to give entrance to something, and seemed too deep to be the cave of a pokemon.

The combusken smiled to himself “I guess we found it.” He said smilling at his young friend, how said “Cool, ty!”


“Good work boys.” Said Vinnie as the two pokemon were in front of her “Not only you found the entrance, as you two also give a lesson to that Phantump, and you did allof that wihout disturbing the insect pokemon! Really impressive!”

Blaze scratched the back of his head as Tyler smiled proundly holding the apricorn, Vinnie then added “And you also got a souvenir.”

“Yeah, Tyler thinks we can cook something with the apricorn.” Blaze said sweatdropping. Vinnie chuckled “I don’t know if you can cook it or use in a recipy.” She said, and Tyler stopped smilling and looked down, but then she added  “But there is another thing you can do with it.”

Both pokemon looked at her “Tell me, some of you know how to play an ocarina?”
June Task of the Explorers 1, quite a difficulting work, but they manage it juist fine, and those Phamtumps barely saw what was coming for them, I almost feel sorry for them.

As a reward, they received an Apricorn Ocarina, it may be useful in future missions ^^, and also, they received a Merit :D Everything seems to be turning out nice for team Ancient Flame

Team APP:…
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