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SnK: Bread

EDIT: This thing now has an animated version! XD…
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I downloaded FireAlpaca the other day, it's a free drawing program that's a cross between Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI. It works well, especially for crisp cell shading~ I used it for this silly idea I got on the bus today XD

There are two scenes in the anime, one being the one where Mikasa looks like she's going to be giving Sasha her bread then eats it herself, and the other where Mikasa stuffs a loaf of bread into Eren's mouth. I guess you can say I squished those two scenes into one? XD

I know Eren isn't like this (really OOC here D: ) but I bet he could be annoying as hell if he wanted. |D

Oh, and the best way to make an annoying person shut up is to shove bread into their mouth. ewe

Shingeki no Kyojin (c) Isayama Hajime
art (c) =PlatinaSi

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Hskshsjsh poor Eren omg xD i cant
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Eren looks like Italy, from Hetalia
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eren looks drunk
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Heart Still a better love story than twilight.Heart 
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An’ wipe out dem Titans BOOM!
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Mikasa calm the fruck down XDDDDDD
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Apparently Eren has no bones in his arm on the first slide.Eren Yeager (Surprised) [V6] 
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Apparently so! XD
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But good job on this comic! My friend showed me this and I stated laughing ^-^
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I like how Eren is just minding his own business XD
Flowers and stuff!
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Eren! You skinny lard, come get some dinner!

Eat the food, Eren! EAT THE FOOD!
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