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How could I be scared of a fuzzball with lips? Science has once again ruined my childhood!
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As much as I love those scaly beasts,one can’t deny that they were truly cuddly fuzz balls heck fossils have shown fur impressions
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I'm going to fucking stab the person who though it was a good idea to put fur and lips on bears. Furnazis are fucking cancer and they ruined Cenozoic Park for me.
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That is my best impression of a deranged nostalgianazi.
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Why do people make bears look like fluffy ponies?

Whats next, bears make sing The Mummah song like fluffies too?

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It doesn't look like in miocene park no more ;(
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Just because science ruined it
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I don't support these crazy new ideas of furry and lipped bear >:(

Just kidding,  i love its amusing spirit :D
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I can see what's going on here, basically taking the complaints many people have with dinosaurs with feathers, and applying it to modern animals.
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at least when I was born, bears were still cool, with the fangs and everything like that, but now there just omnivorous fuzzballs. science has to ruin the caniforms, some of the most badass animals turned into cuddly animals
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i hate how science ruined gorillas too,they are suppose to be scary crested beasts! >;c
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Bears have become so weird with these discoveries of them having fur and lips. Next thing you know we'll be hearing they were omnivores rather than the fully carnivorous.
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Yeah! Before "modern science" bears were scary giant quadroped reptiles!
Now they're just cuddly brown fuzzballs
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I know right.
Same with chickens ... pitty CURSE YOU! 
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I find this picture to be unBEARable.
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this is hilarious. love it
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So that what we would depict bear looks like if  they went extinct millions of years ago? Nice.
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Ugh, the comments if you scroll down further... :(

I like this artwork, but the comments...
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