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I've been trying to make an honest to goodness animation for more than a decade. It never seemed to come together. My ideas were too extravagant. Where to start? Where was it going.

I tried a half dozen animation programs, and none of them really clicked. All of them are poorly documented, and none of the controls are intuitive. I didn't enjoy freehand controls at all. They're all vector-ish illustration that automatically smooths out lines. The lack of control is infuriating. Watching the rare, precise line get smoothed into a different position is the #1 factor to making me throw up my hands and give up.

Well all that stuff still holds, but I managed to knock out a complete animation. Its pretty rough, in fact it looks like shit, but I'm just relieved to get the monkey off my back. I definitely learned a lot and hopefully the next one will look much better. 

If anything changed, I realized all the decent programs have a "import a file as vectors option". So I could import physical line work and just use the drawing tools for fill-in frames. I also dramatically scaled back my ambitions. Instead of a complex narrative, just a simple little hulkout. That stuff writes itself.

The real reason though may just be age. If there's one benefit to getting older, I've found with time I get better and better with focusing and finishing tasks. I used to get so distracted! But everything works out.
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Kristen Wiig says she'd play the "female hulk" and Rachel Talalay calls out She Hulk as her dream project.

This isn't real or indicative of casting and neither are in any serious discussion. I do think its somewhat interesting to think about. Wonder Woman's success at least piqued the interest of women in Hollywood, and its great. That's the way these films get made.

From Wiig's quote I'm not entirely sure she knows about She Hulk. Its just as likely that she's making it up off the cuff, riffing alongside Steve Carrel. There's a dozens of "who should play x" articles on the web and I don't remember Wiig's name ever coming up. She's not the kind of actress many would envision in the role. Maybe we all should? Wiig as She Hulk definitely wouldn't be the movie anyone's thinking of but I think she could definitely deliver the goods in the title role.

Talalay's the complete opposite. I'm not really excited about her taking the reigns for a She Hulk film. She probably has a good handle on the character, but she's a journeyman director. The stuff I've seen is solid but not terribly remarkable or distinctive. Talalay does have a point that some of Tank Girl's best sequences were killed by the studio and that film's failure at the box office really set back her career.

All this is conjecture, but its fun to see it pop up in the news.
Wix buys DeviantArt

I've had a lot of fun on DeviantArt over the past however many years. What separates DA from the other social-type sites is it's great feedback culture. You can see how many people viewed your posts, and users are allowed to interact via fav'ing and comments. There's even a means to tip a hat, make that tip a llama, to a creator. The tools though would be useless if the community didn't use them. Plenty of other sites allow some means for to give feedback to users, but none of them encourage the sort of engagement DeviantArt boasts.

As someone who has yet to ask for money for the things I post, these little bits of feedback go a long way.

Now's the end of a long chapter in DA's life. DeviantArt is no longer a private company. From the article, it seems like Wix is going to be making changes to the experience. They'll be integrating more of their tools and use DA a lure to their main gig as a drag-and-drop website constructor. Maybe these changes won't impact the community and feedback culture here, maybe it will. I'll wait and see. That's for the future, right now I'd like to thank the DA team for creating a nook on the web I've really enjoyed contributing to.
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I follow Jebriodo and MaelstromMediaComics but I must have totally missed the announcement for Ultravixen #2. Well it was worth the wait: featuring a wonderful, albeit brief bit of female muscle growth teased in this sketch:UltraVixen page 4 Issue 2 by MaelstromMediaComics

You can buy at Hound Comics for cheap!
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Since both(!) of these series will be back in short order, and since I've written on them in the past here's more funneling of disappointment to close the book on their first seasons:…
Everyone on the internet has two cents to throw at Agents of Shield, and here's my share:…

Hey it's a link to a new blog post:… where I go off on She Hulk's mediocre new animation series.
:iconreadyart: reinked and recolored

Mature Content

Shulkout Colored Pencil Sketch by plastikevol

Cool stuff. Check it out on his site:…
After months of experimenting with PHP frameworks to rebuild my long neglected site, I stumbled onto Jekyll:

Boom, within a week I pretty much had the site up and running.  There's a lot of tradeoffs to building the site this way.  I lose things like ratings, comments, and real-time actionable traffic information.  But I wasn't making the most of those anyway, and I doubt I would in the future.  The end user really only cares about content and that it be easily accessible.  Whatever the drawbacks, Jekyll allows, at least at this stage, for easy content uploads and quick site revisions.  

You may also notice that I dropped a few series from the site, notably  Adventures of Bobby and Kim and Dr Antonio's Notes.  I felt at they really belonged on the old Yahoo group with the rest of the really early content.  To balance that out I threw out the banner ads, cause seriously fuck them.  I make content, if I wanted to make money from this I'd do commissions.

Web site:

Inaugural Series:…
My Yahoo email account was hacked, again.  It doesn't look like too many emails went out, but its troubling regardless.  If there's a bright side to this its that the thief was a hacker bot--they never change your password--so I was able to slip in and reset everything.  

This is the second time that this Yahoo account was compromised.    Both times it was used to make BS posts to various Yahoo groups. I find it funny that there's a whole sector of crime devoted to hacking and spamming Yahoo products.  Somewhere, somebody's reporting that an abandoned group has one more link to buy knockoff handbags and getting paid for the effort.

My account had a unique password and I rarely use it, so I wonder if I screwed up and entered my login information in a phishing attack, if my computer has a virus, some kind of man-in-the-middle attack, or if a larger hack exposed my credentials.

So if you got an email from my account, I apologize. If it happens again, I may just ditch Yahoo altogether.
Sometime last year, I became very upset with my web site and vowed to make a new one.  But rather relying on Wordpress or Drupal or Joomla, I wanted to write something from scratch.  I wanted a gallery tailored to my preferences, rather than stuff written to display vacation photos.

As a means of focusing on the task I doubled down on coding over art, but these things are time consuming.  A couple months back I decided to scrap what I written, and start from scratch again.  That brings us to the present day.  Everything's going swell though.  

I've continued to draw out sequences but I wanted to wait until the site was ready and post them in a "Grand Opening" gala. Although there's no guarantee that any of this will work out and its been about a year already.  So I'll try to put up a few sketches and the like.

That's it.
Someone finally, finally, posted the second of the Supermom clips on youtube.  I've been waiting for this for more than a decade.…

Despite the poor video quality, the commercial is just fantastic for fans of the genre. I can only wish they'd made more, or spun the character off into her own series.
Seeing as the simple illustration I intended to commemorate my 20k views ballooned into a multipage project, I was determined to mark this milestone with a damn simple little drawing.  I snuck it in right at 25,000 too which should be worth something.

Thanks to the casual perusers, frequent favers, and even those that keep their displeasure to themselves.
Recession be damned, I'll get my toys!  I gave a little review of the iPad on my site (, but to sum it up: it's really fun to draw with.  That all of the current crop of art programs are limited compared with what's available for desktops actually makes the process a little more enjoyable.  

The trade off is, right now,what little bit of polish I'd built up is completely thrown out the window. These drawings are pretty quick and dirty.  

The current sequence, "Collapse!", started as soon as I put the capacitive stylus to the screen.  It's been a rush.  The art is very rough, but hopefully that doesn't detract too much from the experience.  Though it may test the old saying: "a sequence on the web is worth two on a hard drive"

So far as the content, maybe its the ordeal with the Chilean miners or maybe not, but I really wanted to do a sequence set in South America...
I was aware this DA page was reaching the 20k milestone.  I sort of noticed it getting closer a week beforehand, and I started think of a means to commemorate the occasion.

I thought of a simple sequence, a couple pages, nothing out of the ordinary.  But as I sat down to draw it, I decided a few pages of exposition would be fun and the total page count climbed to around 5.  That's fine, but when the pencil hit the paper, the drawings turned pretty complex (for me), multiple characters in every panel, and a splash page with about twenty people in various poses.  And on top that, in order for the plot to make sense, a few more pages.  Now the sequence is up to 8-10 pages, and much more complex than I anticipated.  

Given my pace with these things, that could be months between penciling, inking and coloring (has to be fully colored).  

By partway through the pencils of the second page, the page hit 20k views. Yay.  So the sequence wouldn't be ready in any way shape or form anytime near the milestone.  Panicked, I started trying to draw a single page, a single panel, or a simple sequence, but came up short.

It probably shouldn't come as any surprise to those that've followed me since my Yahoo group days that I love the exposition and character set up as much as the "payoff" sequences. One deepens the impact of the other. Though I admit, when it come to other peoples work, I'll read the initial setup on first time through, but I'll re-read the payoff portions.

I've been trying to get to the point where I can make shorter and more concise illustrations because I'm trying to experiment with new techniques and methods and the shorter form stuff is obviously more likely to get finished....

But anyway, the aforementioned "20k" sequence will probably get plopped on the queue of things I'll push out sooner or later.

Thanks to  all the watchers and collectors and favorite-ers.  

As always you can expect sporadic updates to this page and the website.  

Stay tuned.
Surprising no one, the identities of Rulk and the Red She Hulk are finally revealed.  For Red She Hulk fans, I'd actually suggest Hulk 22 over Incredible Hulk 609.  I generally prefer McGuinness's artwork to Pelletier, and the few pages she appears in are issue highlights.
Since I've been public about my cautious enthusiasm about Red She Hulk, I should be equally vocal on how much Hulk #15 sucked.  Everything about the character roll out has been a publicity stunt.  Set up in the story for a "surprise introduction", instead Marvel leaked teaser images months in advance, dashing whatever legitimate shock the appearance would inspire. This is also the first character in memory who debuted on a cover instead of in a story, appearing on a variant Hulk #14.

And then there was Hulk #15 itself.  A by the numbers "brawl" issue showing second tier heroes (sans Deadpool and Wolverine) trading barbs with second tier villains.  The 13th and 14th issues were surprisingly good, showing the Loeb still has a bit of a knack for character development when he can keep himself away from mindless fights.

For this, the reader is rewarded with a single splash page of Red She Hulk, set up with a pretty contrived scenario (an explosion catches Domino and Elektra but only this new character emerges from the flames).  Not a score for originality, and not pulled off well at that. Ian Churchill's art for the character reminded me more of the way Warner Brothers cartoons used to mock rednecks (big bare feet and torn cover-alls) than a pin-up payoff after months of teasing.

But as a reader I was thrown a bone:…

Where a very engaged Loeb reveals that Pak will ultimately handle Red She Hulk's origin.

Also its fun to point out Marvel's theory of multiple Wolverines, where the next Incredible Hulk and Hulk will both feature Wolverine and are supposedly taking place at the same time.…

Which would make Jen the Red She Hulk... Hmmm...
Thanks to Cykath I realized my site redesign had the net effect of actually preventing people from even getting into the comic section.  

Well... my bad.  

So there's no hard feelings, here's one more comic page:…

And the main gallery:…

And the site:
... Just somewhere else.  I finally finished updating my web site (or to drop some Star Wars, made it "fully operational") .  To kick things off on a good foot, I drew up a new three page series.  See:…

Have fun.