I'm leaving deviantart.

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Yeah, that pretty much says it all.

edit: deviantart has been amazing, it has opened me up to so much. i used to know nothing about photography but now i just cant go anywhere without a camera. the community here is great, and the artwork that people submit is just simply amazing. however somehow i feel that im not going to improve much when im on deviantart. but not only that, my pictures are being stolen and posted on websites i dont even know. some people liked it while some just made fun of it. i take time to take and edit my pictures, and i dont appreciate it when people do that.
i love deviantart and im going to miss it so much when i leave. i really want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has commented, watched or favourite anyone of my pictures. i appreciate it so much, they have always motivated me and reminded me how much i love photography. i dont know whether i'll come back, maybe i will or maybe i wont. but i'll definitely never give up photography.

Just to let you guys know, these are the top two pictures i really love.
i'm not broken by plastickheart capture the moment by plastickheart

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Deviant Art really needs to go fuck themselves,I am tired of artists constantly leaving without warning. Pisses me off and it's ALWAYS the good artists,yet we never run out of SHITTY weird ass artists. Here's an example of own personal rant: [link]
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I'm so sorry :/
I've said that im back but honestly I'm still MIA. I haven't been on for a while now.
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Sorry,I just copied and posted this reply to various journals to let people know about Deviant Art. It really wasn't targeted at you or anything.
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I'm sorry you had to leave because of people like that. I'm sorry that you won't be able to keep amazing me with your pictures. You'll go far with your talent!! <3 xox
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I already miss you! You are one of those artist whose artistic souls I really love. I hope you'll come back some day.
Take care:)
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i will miss you so much. you're such an amazing artist! consider coming back somday^-^
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I'll miss you, and I wish you wouldn't leave, but you left in the right way. No drama, just stating your reasons, without saying "OMG i HATE THIS PLACE!!@!", and not saying you're totally leaving forever, you know, so you're not bound by that promise.
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I know you won't, but anyway, I hope you see this /: -: girl, people will always make fun of other people's work, they're just jealous, because they wouldn't ever do something as you. You have a great capability, such an imagination, and girl, as hundred people don't appreaciate it, billions of us love it.
You just have to know you've expressed all tjose words, all those thoughts I couldn't say, because I didn't know how, Those feelings I couldn't get out... it's like you've just read me, and wrote all my story in little notes; you inspire me to go on girl, don't leave us, your art is amazing, you're amazing... you can count on us :hug:
my last words I guess... thank you!(:
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You must not go, how else will we get to see your amazing and wonderful photography. If you do, please take care. :cries:
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T______T your works are amazing, I hope you will be happy and continue living with photography!! WE WILL MISS YOU AND YOUR INSPIRING PICTURES!!! :heart: :huggle:
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Aww, I'm so sorry you've had your work stolen :no: . I wish you all the best in the future :hug: .
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Hi there!!!

I would like to thank you for sharing your creative ideas with me and the rest of the world....you were one my inspirational artist.

Keep up with the amazing work and thanks again.
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please don't deactivate, maybe you'll come back someday
bye... I wish you luck! :thanks:...
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oh I know its sucks being stolen
see you later :(
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I still think it's very sad, I really loved your art...

I made this partially as a little tribute to you, you probably won't see it anymore and it's not that good but... you know.

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I'm so sorry that you are leaving, and I'm going to miss your amazing photos. Remember, that you are great and awsome!
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Thank you for taking these pictures. The words that you've written and taken pictures of have really helped a lot through the past 7 months. I'm happy for you :hug:
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I'm sorry you're leaving. I really love your photos and will miss seeing more of them. :)
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We'll miss you :( Keep on doing photography, you are amazing, dear :)
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