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Please, Hold On.

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 18, 2010, 12:56 PM
Always, over and over again
Always, I did nothing but make you sad
I've hurt you that much, that even now I still can't move

Why does it hurt so much to be touched by you?
The same things will definitely repeat
For I'm scared of losing you

By drawing close, I tried to wipe away
That day which I couldn't completely forget
You just held these hands without asking anything, didn't you?

Even if your feelings fade tomorrow
I'll still love you without fail
Even if you can't see me tomorrow
I'll still love you without fail

At least I can forget all the hard times
Thinking about you
Counting the number of nights I can't see you
My heart yearns for you

Inviting the loneliness of misunderstandings
Somehow, please don't cry alone
No matter how far apart we are
Let's believe in each other

I want to keep smiling like this no matter what
I don't want to hurt you
The number of time lapses are fading away
I don't want to repeat those feelings

Somehow, please look only at me
Somehow, please don't let go of this hand