Can I still post images in this thing?
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Hopefully yes? If I can, which of these WIP images that I've universally purpled and squashed together looks the most fun? :D


Apparently not anymore. =( Just click if you're interested :o
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SilvariaKiralvHobbyist General Artist
The one with the people! And keep the speech bubbles ;3

But I like the ones with the space-shippy shiny things... Those look like fun :D
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ChromattixHobbyist Digital Artist
I like purple :la: the first one looks like the biggest challenge, but I like the bottom ones personally 8-)
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Mu-de-AriesStudent General Artist
Hi :D!

How you don't are Premium can't put images on your journal

a little time ago DA has a promotion for 2 weeks and not Premium menber can put images on his journals...

Tschüs :yawn:
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Nice to have you back somewhat.
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bloknayrbHobbyist Digital Artist
Wtf man, I don't even know who you are ;P

Paint them all. In 1 hour. Total.