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Landscape Flyby Matte v2

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Thanks to the helpful critiques of =kire1987, ~static06, =Ellygator, `priteeboy, and *yulii, I decided to take another shot at the matte painting from scratch.

It's at 50% completion at this moment, which means some of the images are not seamlessly painted over - that, for me at least, is the most time-consuming part of matte painting.

Also, the colours aren't exactly final - I'm trying to go for a feel of 'morning' and I will rip apart this image until that's what I have. I will be updating this image again, at least twice, so please critique. It's very useful. :)

Update: 90% done!
Better blending, lighter, some waterfalls, better shadowing on the foreground cliffs (thanks `priteeboy for the multiply tip!).

All I'll be adding from this point is small details and colour changes, as I need to focus my attentions on the rest of my film! :fear:

Update: 100% done!
A couple small changes - waterfall in foreground, specular bloom, some extra clouds (animateable), small colour changes, I think I've slightly recaptured the dramatic feel.

I could keep working on this for years but there has to be a stopping point, and this is it. Now to include it in my film...
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crazyBookworm013Hobbyist General Artist
It's magical
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I've looked at this painting downloaded at full zoom and its simply flawless. It's a beautiful landscape and I'd like to offer suggestions but I simply don't know enough about art to offer any suggestions for making this better. It does give the impression of morning, and maybe it rained during the night too! I want to live near the high cliffs falls on the far right!
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love your new improvement :P the added fog effect or smoke makes the whole scenery looks like a fresh new day!!!
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Thank you! I'm glad it gives you that impression. :)
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RebelAssasin311Hobbyist General Artist
Howdy Plasma, can I ask what programs you use? All PS?
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edloProfessional Digital Artist
BTW now the left sky is a tad too bright, makes the mountains at the back look fake
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Thanks for the comment buddy. Made changes.
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edloProfessional Digital Artist
Purrrrfect m8 !! LOVE IT
PlasmaX7's avatar
Tyty! Means a lot coming from you, as always. :D
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Ok Max, now it's like an awesome and amazing photo... really realistic (in my opinion)!

But I think the older version is better... a kind of sunset :3

However you're really talented :clap:
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New update! I hope I managed to bring a bit of the old version back while keeping the realism - what do you think? :)
Keyka's avatar
Aaaaah morning, amazing sunshine over the fairy valley <3
You're right, is still realistic but with a touch of old version (which I liked for the awesome pink-lilla-violet sky :3)

I really like this one and all the process you've follow :+favlove:
PlasmaX7's avatar
Haha fairy valley! ;p A fairy valley would be a lot smaller, at least that's the way I imagine it. ;p

Thank you for the continued support!
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edloProfessional Digital Artist
Great Job m8 :P
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Cheers Ed. :) This was the one I was trying to get your attention on msn for. :lol:
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edloProfessional Digital Artist
Yup sorry m8 have been quite busy lately
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ScorpidilionProfessional Photographer
:thumbsup: ;)
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ErikShoemakerHobbyist Digital Artist
you've improved this so much, it's lovely now. Really smooth and nicely to look at, no bad transitions, no bad quality areas. Great job.
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Cheers. Critique helps a lot. :)
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Stormfire-SFStudent Digital Artist
Wow, it's insanely realistic now.
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Thanks again. :)
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ChromattixHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, another dramatic change, it's true that although the other colours were "prettier" - these are more realistic. And if realism is your goal then I'd go for these (I often prefer brighter colours myself, so many judge me on unrealistic colour choices but they don't realise I just prefer brighter colours :dummy:) looks realisic now, but obviously your'e still seeking critiques otherwise you wouldn't have posted anything until it was done, but all I can see is that the hills on the right fade into the clouds too gradually, considering the edges of the clouds in the sky itself suggest they are reasonably dense, so the fading out should be more sudden, just like the space between cloud and empty sky in that area stops rather suddenly giving them a clear, defined shape :floating:
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