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This is my second fanfiction short I did after seeing three DA images which I thought were awesome. If I can figure out how to add links below in the Description I will post who did the pics and where you guys can find them.

Please keep in mind I had to rewrite this since I deleted all online copies over a year ago and decided to try out the voice option to bring it back onto the web. So if you see some words that just don't belong, keep what I said in mind. I tried to find all of the errors, but i'm sure some slipped through the cracks.

Please lemme know what you think about this fanfiction. I take all criticism and I hope to apply it to some rather fresher ideas and works I am currently doing. Thanks again and I will see you all later!

Downtown brawl

Megaville First National Bank of megaville

The sun was barely above the Horizon before the first sounds of a crime were taking place. The scene around Megaville’s First National Bank was that of chaos as three armed men burst through the doors of the bank, guns blazing. On their backs they carry large bags filled to the brim with money, Gold, Silver and Nino credits, a form of currency specifically used by Heroes

They unleash a storm of bullets into the air as they raced down the front steps, sending everyone in the area into a blind panic. People darted in every direction as to avoid the goons and their gunfire

The robbers made their way down each step aiming for their black sedan across the street. They stopped  cold in their tracks if they watched one of Melville's most famous of Heroes swoop in and hover right before the criminals eyes. She wore an exact copy of the same suit that both her sisters Wore, but colored dark and light green to fit her style.

Buttercups blank expression sent shivers down their spines and her clenched fist spelt doom for the poor group of criminals. She looked as if she was just woken up, probably the case, and was in no mood to deal with three of the most pathetic criminals to walk the earth, the amoeba gang.

They truly were the most pathetic bunch of criminals to ever walk the earth. Not once have they ever successfully completed a crime. Even Mojo Jojo is a far more competent villain than they ever would or could be. They were clothed in cheaply bought, yes bought, black suits. Boss man, the gang's leader, wore a grey fedora, Junior, whose distinguished by a black cap, and slim, who wears a fedora like boss man's, but colored brown.

They looked up and watched their most hated enemy stretch your arms as far as they could, yawning, and wiping the sleep from her eyes. She looked at them in Anger before speaking up.

“Alright,” she yawned then returned to speaking. “Alright, you early ass bastards I'm not in the mood to deal with you guys so early in the morning. So I'm gonna give you one chance to give up now or--.”

She stopped talking for a moment as she stretched and yawned once more. Buttercup was never a morning person she usually would spend her mornings wrapped tightly in her bed covers. Ever since she was young her enthusiasm to be up early has never been something to speak about, especially when it has to do with crime.

The only reason she was up so early was because her sisters and father demanded more from her, not to mention the rest of his team as well. She was eventually forced from her bed and forced into her suit before being sent off to do early morning patrols around the city.

The amoeba gang slowly place down their weapons and sacks on the ground without so much as a second thought. Buttercup started to yawn on again, giving boss man the perfect opportunity. He reached inside his Blazer and quickly pulled a pistol from it. It wasn't a normal pistol, it looked like a Glock, but with wires sprouting from both sides, and green liquid that flows through a tube from a glass container into the magazine of the gun.

Bossman pulled the trigger and released a round from the chamber. It struck Buttercup dead center in the chest, sending a spray of green gas all around her and causing her to fall out of the air and collapse onto the ground. She coughed and wheezed uncontrollably, giving the amoeba geang the chance to escape.

“Haha, compliments of Mojo Jojo, you dumb bitch!” yelled boss man.

They ran over to the getaway car and crammed the stacks of money into the back before assuming their places in the car. Bossman took the wheel, Slim the passenger seat, and Junior was crammed into the back with all the money. Bossman jammed the keys into the ignition and the engine roared to life, they then started off down the road. Meanwhile, Buttercup struggled for a moment to pick herself up, she watch the speeding car head off down the Main Road. Her eyes got bigger as her blood began to boil. She lifted herself up off the pavement and scanned the area. She clambered over to the nearest vehicle, and with all her remaining strength lifted up the car above her head and chucked it into the direction of the speeding sedan. The car went flying, almost reaching the height of the surrounding buildings, before falling to the ground. It didn’t strike the car, but instead crashed just some ways ahead of it, sending the amoeba into a panic. Bossman Twisted of the wheel hard to the left and slam the car into a nearby light pole. The engine was cracked and bleeding out gas and oil, all of which started down the sidewalk and into the sewer drain.

The first of the gang to weasel himself out of the wrecked car was Junior who wasn't really shaken from the crash since he was cushioned from the impact of the bags of money and other valuables. He crawled out of the car to view Buttercup standing over him. He panicked and tried to get up and run, but Buttercup grabbed him from the back of the shirt, spun him around, and threw him to the ground. He laid there, out cold on the pavement.

By this time Bossman and Slim had regained Consciousness and we're now outside the car, aiming their Tommy guns at buttercup. They Unleashed a barrage of gunfire on her which proved useless as the bullets merely bounced off in all directions. They struck the nearby Windows of most of the surrounding buildings, causing a shower of glass to fall all around them. Slim, for some odd reason, thought it best to try and slug Buttercup with the back of his gun which was a big mistake. Buttercup ripped the gun from his hand and threw it onto the ground before burying her fist into his face and dropping him just beside her.

Boss man was still unloading his Tommy Gun when buttercup released a beam of neon green light from her eyes, striking the muzzle of Bossman's gun. He dropped it as it turned into nothing more than a smoldering piece of metal. At this point boss man tried to flee down a nearby alley, but with a light grasp of his collar he found himself dangling in the air, Rising higher and higher.

Boston screamed and begged for her to stop, pleading for mercy. Buttercup just grinned and continued to fly up above the buildings. Those on the streets became nothing more than ants, slowly becoming hazy until they disappeared altogether. Bossman was in tears at this point, crying and sobbing. It wasn't for her being Furious after what Bossman did to her back there she would have erupted in laughter to the sight of Bossman’s soiled trousers.

A moment later she reached the top of the carpal Tower. It was a massive all black firm building with a silver spire at its peak. She mounted Bossman at the time, hanging him by his collar. The sound of tearing was the only thing boss man could hear as Buttercup started her descent back down to the street.

“Wait, y-you can’t leave me here. Please!” Bossman was stiff in movement, he dared not move one muscle. The thought of plummeting to his death was the only thing keeping him from squirming around.

“Sorry Bossman, but I think I'll leave the saving to the police.” She gave him a quick wink and continue to descend.

By the time she reached the road at least a dozen cop cars piled around the scene. They cuffed Slim and Junior, who had just came too.

“Goddammit Buttercup!” loud voice pierced the air. The surrounding police officers almost stood in attention at this mighty eruption of anger. Buttercup turned her head and watched the police commissioner, commissioner Arnold G. Flagsten stomp his way over to her. He was a tall yet scrawny man, but he had the voice of a monster. He would spit and swear until his eyes turned bloodshot and his face was blue.

“Why the hell are you turning my city into a war zone?” The commissioner started off. “I have two square blocks of rubble on my hands, all because you wanted to let loose on the most pathetic Trio of….” the commissioner paused for a moment. Where is boss man?”

Buttercup gave a quick roll of the eyes to the nearby Carpel Tower. The commissioner followed her eyes and was flabbergasted as he watched the two bit villain dangling around, screaming at the top of his lungs for help.

“Dammit buttercup.”

“What? I handled the situation. Besides, he got what was coming to him. The prick wanted to blast with some funky crap in a bullet so I just gave him the proper punishment.”

The Commissioners face became blood red with anger.

“You are a hero and you have no power to judge the guilty. You're here to stop them and deliver them over to the proper authorities so that way…”

Buttercup eventually just blocked out all he was saying, nodding her head and acting as if she was hanging on every word. All the while just picturing her nice warm bed and going back to sleep for another couple of hours. Soon, after a long scorning, they had successfully retrieved Bossman from the top of the spire and had him locked in the backseat of the police vehicle. Shaken, but going to be just fine in his nice cozy ground-floor prison cell.
Buttercup then took off over the Carpal Tower and headed straight for the sweet soothing pleasure of her bed. All the while leaving the Commissioner clean up the mess she left behind.

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