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Well, we've been counting down for the past year, and now there's just over a month left. It's almost time for Otakon 2009! For a lot of my artist friends I've met in past conventions, this will be another level-up in their veterans rank. But for me, this will be my first time (*gasp!*) working a table in any Artist Alley! O_O

Honestly, though, I'm rather excited. And thank God I could do this to begin with, because I currently work a full-time internship and letting off for this event was a blessing. Anyway, there have always been astounding people in every AA of every con I've been to, and Otakon seems to have the epitome of the best anime artists on this side of the US. This will be a great chance for a lot of us to learn skills, share ideas, and have a great time doing what we love best. And of course, a chance to diversify, since I really would like to improve in more than just mechanical design. Here's my ideal rundown...

What might I be doing?
- Hanging out with artists and con-goers.
- Giving and receiving tips from others, perhaps doing art jams.
- Selling prints, on-the-spot sketches, and post-convention commissions.
- Touring the rest of the convention and Baltimore during off-hours. Make it worth the $55!
- Trying not to destroy my sleeping/eating schedule, in light of this. Last year without AA was already awry!

What might I be selling?
- On-demand printing of regular prints (8.5" x 11" or smaller), using an archival photo printer and pro-grade papers.
- A limited number, possibly less than 10 each, of oversize prints (11" x 14" or larger)
- At-con sketches on traditional media, perhaps cutout-style mechs similar to those in "Hangar A-1". If people want (and preparation time allows), I can build compilation booklets from the Mecha Sketchbook series.
- After-convention commissions for original mech and weapon designs, in either traditional or digital media. I will take time with them, and it'll be worth the additional work! Payment methods will be worked out soon.

What range of works?
- Recent original pieces posted here or not yet seen, such as "Victory Stance" and the colored "Underslinger."
- A few older original pieces, like the "Stationary Anti-Aircraft Railgun".
- Referenced and reference-less original sketches in pencil and ink, like this. Feel free to hang around and watch, ask for tips, or give advice!

Why not any fanart? It tends to sell better, right?
First, time (there's not a whole lot of it, haha). Second, although I don't doubt that fanart sells like hotcakes at any anime convention :p, making a profit is not my goal; breaking even helps with paying for materials, but I doubt that'll happen either. Just gotta mow more lawns this summer!

Presenting something unique, even if it's not popular with the average con-goer, does a lot more in the long run. And I'll stick to that.

Whom to see in particular?
- Bill :iconi3i11thewi11:
- Catherine :iconkheleksul: and her studio members
- Grace :iconfongmingyun:
- Hannah :iconryaven: and her table partner
- Jinny :iconnayuki-chan:
- Kevin :iconyanimator:
- Matt :iconguyverc: and the rest of the guys from Aborted Creativity :iconabortedcreativity:
- Omar Dogan :iconomar-dogan: and other members of the Udon Crew :iconudoncrew:

...and a whole lot more I don't know the names to!

That's all for now! Updates and table locations of various friends will be over the next few weeks. For now, stay on board for the biggest Japanese culture convention on the East coast, coming July 17-19!
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i3i11theWi11 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009
Can't wait to see you there Kevin!! :D
GuyverC Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009
The names Matt, not David ( Though David is my middle name...)

Either way, looks like we'll be sitting together. You got N05, while we're at N06 and N07! [link]

I guess we shall see you there =)
PlasmaFire3000 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009, I can't believe I missed that. Honest mistake; it'll be corrected! :p

And yeah, I saw that Aborted Creativity was right next door. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
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Submitted on
June 16, 2009