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Hangar A-1



"In the late 21st century, Hangar A was rumored to be one of the most complex and hardened underground transformable aircraft sites on Mars. Tensions constantly boiled as Terran accusations and Martian denials volleyed back and forth. When photographic evidence arose that, according to private Terran reconnaissance networks, advanced stealth destroyers designed to annihilate bipedal weapons platforms were being built in the base, Earth's forces immediately mobilized.

Something felt amiss when the supposed Hangar A complex was discovered only one week after landing on the Martian surface. Smaller bipedal frames and piloting humans slowly tread down the voluminous access ramps, scanning with their visible-spectrum lasers for any signs of activity. When a few frames finally arrived at Hall 1, they realized their suspicions had been entirely fruitless: the subterranean base, along with all other supporting infrastructure and vehicles, was not only a civilian aircraft repository--it was abandoned 50 years ago when 90% of all Martian citizens fled the planet."

This large 40" x 30" piece was the final assignment for my ART 220 Human Figure Drawing class: a "Multi-Figural Composition." We were allowed to use any materials, any methods, and...any figures we liked. After two weeks of work, this is the result, and it was definitely worth it! A lot of the fun came through juxtaposing two distinct styles on the same surface: my older technical ways for the hangar background (where nearly everything is laid out with drafting tools) and a newer sketch style for the mechs and human pilot (almost entirely freehanded). It looks rather unfinished, and indeed it is, mainly because of time constraints; I may take it back out one day and complete it with ink wash or color...

Strathmore 300/400-series bristol boards, Lumograph pencils, Pilot Precise V5 pen, Sharpie permanent markers, inked cellophane sheeting (for the scanning laser effects), acrylic panel (as an overlay cover), and thick cardboard (foundation). Nikon D80; GIMP 2.6 and FastStone Image Viewer 3.5 for minor edits.
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great perspective and awesome drawing :) *fav