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Takenta's formal belt closeup

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Because the full pic so so huge, you can't see all of the detail. So here's the bit you all came to see, unless you're a shoe fetishist.
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I would like try on this chastity belt.

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I feel we've had this conversation a few times before...

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How Magnificent
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So pretty! :D

Great design.
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This is such an awesome piece. I love how expensive and regal this belt is and the light effects are awesome.
Plasma-dragon's avatar
Just because your sexual organs have been locked away, doesn't mean you can't look good.
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I love everything about that design
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:o that's gorgeous!
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Good job.

What program did You used?
Plasma-dragon's avatar
All done in Clip Studio Paint.
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A true masterpiece of bondage art. :)
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This is truly a thing of beauty, with all that detail work in it.
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Cute & Sexy...xD
I'd love to be that girl instead...xD
I love her clothes and she is having fun...xD
If I had a suit like these one, but for boys... :heart:
Plasma-dragon's avatar
Do you realise that every comment you make is basically identical?
JoshBeta1's avatar
Yes, I know. That's the point...xD
It's like filling in the blanks of a form...xD
The main fact I decided to be your watcher is staring at your drawings and commenting such sentences...xD
Plasma-dragon's avatar
Try some variety, like not putting xD at the end of everything, and not always saying how you wish it were you. point out something interesting! I know you can do it!
JoshBeta1's avatar
Due to my time limitations, I can't... :(
Plasma-dragon's avatar
You just did though.
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