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Get out of the box

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And in case you're wondering, that's a variable-penetration gag she's also testing
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Does Ashley get paid if she fails to escape?

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Wow, I really like this one. Kind of inspiring actually.
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Innovative storage solutions for overcrowded facilities.
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I've already started working on an homage, if you don't mind me doing so of course. I actually started that same day that I commented and was about 95% done with a short period of time that evening. I have a few lighting things that I want to adjust.
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It's all good. I can't imagine it would have taken you long to make a box with a person in it. It didn't take me long after all.
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It's ironic if they're just waiting for her to stop kicking to open the door.... and nice gag design to use!
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Can you please explain the gag? I would like to use it in an RP with a friend.
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Basically, see the screw thread on it? The more you turn the handle on the end of the plug one way, the deeper it goes, the other, the shallower. Even removing it entirely if you want.
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Her challenge could be harder ;) for example her feet are kinda free and unbound ;)
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;3 lock those
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Just from a brief look, I do not think she can escape this confining box.
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If you manage to escape then you win a speedboat.   :)

Great work.
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Love the pretty gag
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Nice work ! I like the design of the gag !
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I like boxes ^^
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What's a variable-penetration gag?
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Most likely a phallus-gag that moves back and forth, but never coming out
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