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What would you consider to be the evil version of mimic magic? Magical theft seems to fit the bill to me.

Edit: Got a report on this being a little explicit, so I've cropped it down some, full version on my tumblr, same username as here.

Evil Miranda first seen here:
Evil Miranda (In huge resolution) by Plasma-dragon

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Phantom's new conditioning method
Continued from: 

Mature Content

Vacuum packed on the edge by Plasma-dragon

She hadn't lasted more than a few hours before screaming for release from her vacbed prison.  After revealing where she kept her key, she was left in the vacbed for some time more, with the wand switched off while it was retrieved. Instead of feeling the air return back into the bed to release her, instead she felt a curious sensation tracing around the bed, following her outline. It traced around her arms, down the sides of her legs, around her head and then slowly over her neck, waist and crotch. She realised she was being cut from the Vacbed, leaving the latex as a second skin. Still weak from being forced to lie there for so long and still unable to see, she simply allowed herself to be sat up and the seams sealed over on her newly made catsuit, with a brief moment taken to peel back the latex around her waist to unlock her chastity belt and remove it before the seams were sealed up there was well, sealing her completely inside. Afterwards she felt her hands pulled behind her as she heard the familiar ratcheting of handcuffs around her wrists. Only then was her mask and makeshift hood pulled off to see the familiar face of Phantom before her eyes.

Phantom held up Ashley's chastity belt and idly studied it, it seemed like such a crude device by comparison to what she had in store for Ashley next...

It was such a simple way for Phantom to make her captive compliant. Sure, she could use a complex regime of brainwashing, using sleep deprivation, audio-sensory control and strange drug concoctions, that would certainly work, but this way would be much more fun. Ashley wore a belt locked around her waist, not unlike the one she had before, except this one had crotch shield that would stimulate her based on how close Phantom was to her, with touching distance being the only time when it would be strong enough to push her over the edge. Ashley had worked this much shortley after being forced into it while Phantom moved around the room they were in. Ashley and was currently struggling to maintain her composure while locked into a complex contraption, with the contraption's design making it clear she was soon to be lowered into the floor for who knows how long in Phantom's facility. To make things worse, Phantom was inches away and the power from her belt was proving hard to handle, she just needed that little bit more... 

...Phantom smiled at her helpless captive, her dominant gaze enjoying Ashley's eyes filled with fury and frustration and thoroughly muzzled mouth able to manage little more than grunts and the occasional whimper.  Ashley's eyes followed Phantom's hand as it reached up to the face cover that was about to seal her in darkness and was suddenly wracked with pleasure as Phantom's lips pushed hard against the muzzle silencing her. Waves of pleasure emanated from her belt as Ashley struggled to keep her breath before finally relaxing as Phantom withdrew, lowering the cover over her captive's face and set the machine off lowering her into the floor. 

"Come back...." Ashley thought as the giant lid closed over her head "One wasn't enough...". As she felt the belt's vibrations die down, she realised just how effective this conditioning was going to be for her.


Phantom is obviously :iconphantomdotexe: 

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