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Vanessa Anime by planxtafroggie Vanessa Anime :iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 12 13 Sabrina in Love by planxtafroggie Sabrina in Love :iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 5 11
Chapter 5: A Lady Transformed
As the date of the gala ball drew nearer, Vanessa's time was evenly split between overseeing dress designs with Sasha and teaching Sabrina the ins and outs of waltzing in crinolines. While Sabrina did suffer a few tumbles, after her mishap with her hoop she was determined to not repeat such a pitfall. Heaven help her if she did so on the dance floor and be exposed before everyone!
But today, Vanessa chose to spare her friend another dance lesson and instead focus on putting the finishing touches of their ballgowns. With less than one week left to go, it was imperative that the dresses be ready before, in case any adjustments had to be made. For that, Sasha needed Vanessa's help and guidance.
So it was that in the back room of the Sasha's family clothes shop and tailor, they looked over possible designs for the ballgown. In an empty room where mannequins were stored, the two girls poured over different designs and patterns for the gowns. While Vanessa was very particular about how Sabri
:iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 2 0
Lady Sakuya of Oz
“I don’t think we’re in Tokyo anymore...”
A very confused young Japanese woman named Sakuya stood looking out a high emerald building within a city  at some emerald-colored crowds cheering for her.  She had a teenaged sister named Ayaka who tried to explain the whole thing.
“It’s hard to explain... I read in the Oz stories about Emerald City, which should be obvious.  Yet The Wizard is nothing like I’m familiar with... in fact he seems much more handsome than the James Franco impersonation.”
“And yet he wants to marry me??  What for??  I’m a model right?  So I have modeled fancy clothes, but I’m not THAT attractive.  And yet this elevator
on a whirlwind carrying a letter from this Wizard shows up for absolutely no reason... “
“Ah you’ll do fine!”  Replied Ayaka.  “He hasn’t even arranged a marriage yet.  He simply wants you to dress up
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Vanessas Ball gown by planxtafroggie Vanessas Ball gown :iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 10 5
Before the Ball
Sabrina spend the next couple days inviting Sasha over in her dressing room to help try on the corset and crinoline for her ballgown. Sasha made sure not to fit the corset too tightly around Sabrina's already slim waist. And the cage hung well enough so as not to bruise her knees, which certainly helped for shaping the many-ruffled petticoat slip over like massive blooming flower petals being turned inside out.
The Rhode Island belle became nervous as she turned her waist around and felt the hem of the skirt began to drag on the floor in front of her three-sided mirror. "Sasha, could we make more adjustments so I won't end up tripping over by mistake?"
"Hehe" Sasha giggled. "There is rule for bigger dress at ball, you have to lift and carry in front. One while walk and two for walk fast or trotting. Do not run, dance shoes cannot keep balance on hard floor!"
Sabrina followed Sasha's advice as the Half-Russian helped put on some dainty blue heels, and walked around gathering enough on t
:iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 2 0
Vanessa's visit
She was a figure as lovely as Sabrina, though blonde and somewhat more tanned, dressed in red and white with contrasting dark red hat, shawl and fan. A short, stout coachman started to quickly unpack some of her heavy luggage from the buggy as she stood in front of Sabrina's doorstep smiling.
"Your father sent me here because you're in need of a friend, I assume?" Sabrina blushed though she tried to act polite.
"I... I don't really need a sitter, I've had my maid with me since I was a little girl..."
"No, no!" The coachman quickly shook his head while waving his hands in a cold sweat "I clearly I said friend, and not the other thing." The blonde girl giggled. She had a peculiar soft Southern accent. Yet her voice was deep and mature enough that she could be considered 3 years Sabrina's elder.
"We are the same age after all." That came as a surprise to Sabrina, the children and even the coachman... yet she understood as she looked far more mature... "I just happened to be brought up wit
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Sasha Profile by planxtafroggie Sasha Profile :iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 19 3 Vanessa Profile by planxtafroggie Vanessa Profile :iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 13 2 Sabrina Profile by planxtafroggie Sabrina Profile :iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 18 15 Updated power pole design by planxtafroggie Updated power pole design :iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 1 0
REVISED - Castle in Newport Prologue: Parachuting
Just outside of Newport, Rhode Island - circa 1859 - four lovely young ladies were gathered at a summer mansion. One named Annabelle, English at 18 years and the daughter of a music teacher, and the other three: Vanessa, a Floridian and aspiring dancer; Sasha, a Half-Russian seamstress wearing a lovely boater hat and a dress sewn by her mother and aunt respectively; and the mansion heiress Sabrina McMullen, native to Rhode Island yet also a daughter of a traveling merchant from Glasgow, Scotland. Those of the latter were 17 years of age.
The McMullen Place was built more like a castle with its tall exteriors and high tower to the north.  It was built by Master Gregory McMullen as a tribute to his ancestry - “Thane MacMullen”, right hand to the King of Scottish Highland clans long past - and to his beloved daughter Sabrina it was her "Castle in Newport". Inside, one big hallway with a piano, a chandelier, a balcony that went a high level of fourteen feet up and a big go
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Mature content
Pyra in Hotel Land *SATIRE* :iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 2 0
Garnet x Lucina by Sheepilolita by planxtafroggie Garnet x Lucina by Sheepilolita :iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 41 8 Kelsa Surprise 2018 by planxtafroggie Kelsa Surprise 2018 :iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 5 4
Catherine x Sabrina (working title)
Sabrina looked in her father's mirror once again delighted with the very feeling of trying on something new: in her most recent reflection, a red ballgown with plenty of gold ribbons.  Likewise it was a “hand-me-down” gift from Catherine Sloper, the 25 year old daughter of a man, now deceased, who practiced surgery and medicine back at the city of New York.  “Cat” as Sabrina addressed by nickname, needed to tidy up the interior of her family's residence as a care center for her neighbors' children; hopefully offering some of her old dresses, only refurbished and at a discount, she would fulfill the kind of romantic dreams of young women that failed to satisfy her own teenhood.  Certainly this old ballgown looked wonderful on Sabrina, yet still it surprised Cat to see a lady still in her teens smiling with joy as she danced and flounced the ribbon skirt while humming a polka melody.
”Are you a skilled dancer, Sabrina?”
”Hehe, well
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Grab bag of cute and funny. :)

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This review is a little late for the holidays but I really do love this Christmas costume! The bag is very shiny and there’s gorgeous l...

Really love the colors! The ripple effects on the water look so lucid, and then there's that overall tropical aura and the joy on your ...

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1.) I'm really busy, especially with work and stuff. This dA account is mostly for a side hobby and I usually draw fashions (big dress, lolita or otherwise) for anime girls; they can be OC or famous/well known.
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3.) I can ask you for commissions, but not the other way around. If you would like an art trade please note me and we can discuss.
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Other info: you can check my designing and faves anytime, just don't expect me to create my own version unless granted permission. Enjoy your visit. :)


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