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Padro Import Payment #1 [N4671 AVE Walnut #2/3]

Status: 6/10 PP of N4671 AVE Walnut 
as payment for the import : N4571 Padro Import 
-> + 4PP for Padro Import Payment #1 [N4671 AVE Walnut] (shaded full body + simple background) 
-> + 2PP for this image (unshaded headshot + simple background) 

Credits to KimboKah for the base
Credits to Mimi-McG for Walnut and the imports design
Credits to me for editing 
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my pretty boy <3333
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
He is a very pretty boy! Some naturals are actually prettier than the mutations <3
Mimi-McG's avatar
Oh definitely, I love a good natural over a mutation any day <333 
Walnut is definitely my new favourite horse
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Awh hopefully you can get his rank right up! c:
Mimi-McG's avatar
Hopefully :D He'll be up there with Blue in no time
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Awh yay! Sometimes I think it can be hard to get PP done, I'm trying to get a few of my padros up to higher ranks too C:
Mimi-McG's avatar
It took three years to get Blue to infinity blood, and it's been worth all that time :)
Hoping I can get Walnut up there a lot quicker though xD
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Oh wow! That's quite a while ^^; It's taken me 9 months to get Midnight to Quality Blood, I hope to get him to Perfect sometime soon though c:
Well if you ever sell padros, sell slots or do imports just make sure to ask for the PP to be done of Walnut c: 

Quick question, is it only admins that can design/make imports? C:
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