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N5398 Orion [Gudial Zernox Stallion] - QB

ID Number: N5398 
Name: Orion 
Nick Name(s): Rye, 
Age: 8 years 
Gender: Stallion 
Appearance / Phenotype: silver blue roan GUDIAL ZERNOX + unnatural tail 
Genotype: EE aa nR nZ ntl GdlGdl nZrn minSpkSpk 
Breed: Pure Padro ( PadroHorse )
Build: medium
Rare Points: 38
Class: Uncommon II 
Breeding Spots:

Name Meaning : Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world. It is one of the most conspicuous and recognizable constellations in the night sky. It was named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology.
Song :
Orientation : Bisexual 
Mate : none atm, reserved for zhalia-moon 
Ex Mate(s) : none atm, open Bullet; Green 
Friends : N6174 Toasted s'mores [Hallow Stakorn Xadden] , N5902 Neoma [Buriel Gudial Mare] , N5901 Lykos [Mathiam Gudial Stallion] , others not reffed yet, open Bullet; Green 
Family : none atm, open Bullet; Green 
Enemies : none atm, open Bullet; Green 
Personality/Traits : Probably the most sensible of the group although he's still a huge dork. Knows not to mess with Neoma (but then again they all learned that the hard way)

Original Import / Design : N5398 Padro Custom Import

Generation : Starter 

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

I require a slot to the foal! No exceptions! 
If the foals are to be sold let me know I WILL want them!!
And if help is needed/wanted designing the foal(s) I'd love to help out!!!
Breeding Rules MUST be signed!!: 
[Padro] Breeding Rules 

Breeding Slots (9) Bullet; Green open Bullet; Green
Slot holder | Unused/Used | Breeding Picture (if necessary)| Bullet; Green/Bullet; Yellow/Bullet; Orange/Bullet; Red   
Bullet; Green = slot is ready to use
Bullet; Yellow = stallion/mare has not been chosen yet  
Bullet; Orange = slot needs to be paid for, do not let breedings pass!! 
Bullet; Red = closed/used slot  

1. zhalia-moon - designer - unused | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Yellow 
2. Eris-France - ref - unused | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Yellow 
3. Eris-France - gift - unused | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Yellow 
4. MistMasquerade - gift - unused | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Yellow 
6. Plants-And-Tattoos - using too N7408 The Emerald Archer | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Green
7. Plants-And-Tattoos - using too Padro Ref|N7116 Chayan | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Green
8. Plants-And-Tattoos - using too N5628 Bio Contamination | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Green
9. zhalia-moon - mate owner - unused | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Yellow 

Quality Blood Slots: 



Current Rank: Quality Blood 

Note Proof(s) for Ranks: 
-> Quality: N5398 Quality Note Proof 

Awards at current rank: 
-> Bronze 'Quality Blood' Statue 
-> *twin chance: 50%*
-> Gives 7PP to all direct offspring 
-> 5 extra breeding spots

Padro Points (PP) [Total = 94]:
-> +7PP for starter
-> +3PP for this ref 

-> +6PP for Morning Turn Out by YaminaKakarot 
     -> +3PP for full body 
     -> +3PP for detailed background 
-> +3PP for Orion | YPH 
-> +6PP for YHH - Plants-And-Tattoos 8 by Cutepup 

     -> +3PP for full body 
     -> +3PP for detailed background 
-> +4PP for Art Payment for Plants-and-Tattoos by Skribbley   
     -> +3PP for full body 
     -> +1PP for stock background 
-> +6PP for N5399 Calder and N5398 Orion by theliondemon-kaimra 
     -> +3PP for non-shaded full body 
     -> +3PP for detailed background 
-> +8PP for || YHH CM: Plants-And-Tattoos || by stardae 
     -> +5PP for shaded full body 
     -> +3PP for detailed background 
-> +2PP for [PC] Cuties by LadyLirriea 
     -> +2PP for non-shaded chibi
-> +6PP for YHH - Playgrounds by Cutepup 
     -> +3PP for non-shaded full body 
     -> +3PP for detailed background 
-> +8PP for [YHH] All Breeds Cheeb Grid - 5GBP Per Square by slayingallhumans 
     -> +3PP for shaded chibi 
     -> +3PP for detailed background 
     -> +2PP for mingle bonus
-> 4PP for Already told you I'm not playing by Animalka1 
     -> +3PP for non-shaded full body 
     -> +1PP for simple background
-> +11PP for Orion :: YHH by AlyssaChantre 
     -> +5PP for shaded full body 
     -> +3PP for detailed background 
     -> +3PP for small animation (blink) 
-> +11PP for Orion by casinuba   <<LAST IMAGE CHECKED
     -> +5PP for shaded full body 
     -> +3PP for detailed background 
     -> +3PP for small animation (shooting star)
-> +6PP for [HRPG] gudial opposites by rayxray 
     -> +3PP for non-shaded full body 
     -> +3PP for detailed background 
-> +3PP for A New Start | N5901 and N7576 by me
     -> Mentioned for around 300 words 

Credits to Eris-France for the ref! 
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AlyssaChantre's avatar
eeeek congrats on hitting quality!! :D
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Eeee thanks so much!! Lykos hit quality too :la:

And thank you for doing that last little bit to get orion there!
DreamDrifter91's avatar
Ohhh wow pretty pon :love: 
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
I know right? I love him :D
Takai-Yubikiri's avatar
I need a slot from this precious bean~!! 💕💕💕
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
He really needs more slots lmao just you wait until he gets to quality xD
Takai-Yubikiri's avatar
Eheheh~! >3 I will help all three of your babes rank up when I can! QwQ
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Oooh! That would be super awesome! 3/4 got their first commissioned image today xD
I love it xD
Takai-Yubikiri's avatar
>w< They're all such beautiful babes~! I might draw my blue star baby; Kawa, with them if thats ok :heart:
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Oh please do!! I'd love to see that!! <3

I'm building a gudial army *evil laugh* 
Takai-Yubikiri's avatar
>w< :heart:

I can see that! XD Just like me and my starkorn army~ 
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Yess!! Which reminds me lmao
I gotta order a stakorn gudial babe to join them :eyes:
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LittleCloverGirl's avatar
I am in LOVE.
I wish I could say I had Padros, I would have definitely wanted to steal a foal from him. <3
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
He's gorgeous, right!? My precious star child I love him c:
KaitlyNicole's avatar
Such a sexy kid <3
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
He is right!? Shame he only got 9 breeding spots though I'm hoping to rank him up so he can get some more c:
KaitlyNicole's avatar
If I can I'll try to help!
I'd love to try to nab a slot to this bab!
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Its totally up to you! If you manage too tho you'll definitely get a slot or two when he hits quality ^^
MistMasquerade's avatar
*wiggles* im so HYPED to breed to this dude!
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
I love him to pieces he is my precious star child <3
Can't wait to see what you come up with c:
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