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K3808 Chivi [Leo Zinker Mare]

ID Number: K3808 
Name: Chivi 
Nick Name(s): Chee, 
Age: 17
Gender: mare
Appearance / Phenotype: classic champagne tobiano LEO ZINKER (flaxen carrier)
Genotype: Ee aa nCh nf nT LoLo ZiZi maxSpk*Spk
Breed: Pure Padro ( PadroHorse )
Build: light
Rare Points: 42
Class: rare
Breeding Spots: 8

Name Meaning : none
Song :
Orientation : bisexual 
Mate : none atm, open Bullet; Green 
Ex Mate(s) : none atm, open Bullet; Green 
Friends : none atm, open Bullet; Green 
Family : none atm, open Bullet; Green 
Enemies : none atm, open Bullet; Green 
Personality/Traits : often hesitant when it comes to others, likes to get things done, knows what she wants. 

Original Import / Design : K3808 Padro Foal Design

Generation : 5th 

------------------------------------------ SSS: 1286 Black the Affair (deceased) (cont)
----------------- SS: 1550 NGS Jones
------------------------------------------ SSD: 947 SPS At a Loss 
Sire: K4 Ayzize
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: 861 NGS Bowien
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: 9517 SSC My Light Will Everglow**
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: N2329 SSC From Sunrise to Sunset 
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: 9712 NGS Lana 
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown 

Other Starters:
961 Broken Visions
1557 Uba

I require a slot to the foal! No exceptions! 
If the foals are to be sold let me know I WILL want them!!
And if help is needed/wanted designing the foal(s) I'd love to help out!!!
Breeding Rules MUST be signed!!: 
[Padro] Breeding Rules 

Breeding Slots (8) Bullet; Green open Bullet; Green
Slot holder | Unused/Used | Breeding Picture (if necessary)| Bullet; Green/Bullet; Yellow/Bullet; Orange/Bullet; Red   
Bullet; Green = slot is ready to use
Bullet; Yellow = stallion/mare has not been chosen yet  
Bullet; Orange = slot needs to be paid for, do not let breedings pass!! 
Bullet; Red = closed/used slot  

1. HaloSon - marked by previous owner - unused | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Yellow 
2. MakkyFokinMcKay - marked by previous owner - using to N4881 IBS El Fenix Ganador | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Green 
3. MistMasquerade - unused | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Yellow 
4. Plants-And-Tattoos - using to N5399 Calder [Gudial Oltin Stallion] | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Green 
5. closed 
6. KimboKah - marked by previous owner - using to 717 NGS Salke | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Green 
7. KimboKah - marked by previous owner - using to K273 NGS Mookeh | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Green 
8. KimboKah - marked by previous owner - using to K5027 NGS Kroeq'nte | no breeding picture necessary | Bullet; Green  


Padro Points (PP) [Total = 12]:
-> +6PP from old ref: K3808 NGS Chivi - Leo Zinker Mare 
-> +6PP for this ref 
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*makes face and sniffles, sticking bottom lip out* so cute QQ *licks your face* thank you for the slot baby <3
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She is, right? c:

*falls over* no problem hon 
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