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[Persona OCs/KHR OC] Q Style by Plantress [Persona OCs/KHR OC] Q Style :iconplantress:Plantress 12 4 [Persona 5 OC] Fantasy by Plantress [Persona 5 OC] Fantasy :iconplantress:Plantress 14 9
[Voltron OC] 06 -Stargazing
Stars swirled around her. Spheres of bobbing light the size of her eye mixed with tiny glowing spots barely the size of dustmotes filled the room, their gentle light blurring and softening the edges of all the objects inside it and giving everything a dream-like quality.  Maddie reached up and gentle swiped at the display, making the starmap start to rotate lazily.  She watched the stars move by her for awhile, almost hypnotized by their slow dance. Then she blinked and laid back on her bed, searching the projection overhead for familiars patterns, ones she knew should be there.  Maybe not exactly as she remembered them, but still. All she wanted was a glimpse of something similar.
“Maddie?”  There was a knock at her door.  “You there?”
She sat up fast. “Yeah! Come in,” she called back as she gave the metallic sphere next to the bed a whack to deactivate the display.
The sphere popped up out of the charge station it ha
:iconplantress:Plantress 2 2
[Collab] Let's End This! by Plantress [Collab] Let's End This! :iconplantress:Plantress 9 4 [AT] Ladyilona1984 by Plantress [AT] Ladyilona1984 :iconplantress:Plantress 9 3 [AT]Agentshifter by Plantress [AT]Agentshifter :iconplantress:Plantress 8 4
[Haikyuu OC]6 - Kiss on a Falling Tear
This was a stupid thing to be getting under her skin.  A really  stupid thing to be upset about. Kasumi  hadn’t even really thought about the photography contest since she’d sent in her entry.  So what if she hadn’t actually won any prizes?  It wasn’t like her future depended on her getting the grand prize.  She hadn’t even been going to enter at all, but the photography club president had cornered her, begging her to do it.   Something about the school wanting them to be do more club activities. He thought if they all entered a contest for photos that ‘told a story about their town’ that was for high schools in the preceture, than someone was bound to win something.  Her honorable mention had been the highest anyone had gotten, but at least he’d been pleased.  It was something at least.  Even their club advisor had seemed happy about it, although Kasumi herself
:iconplantress:Plantress 1 0
[Persona 5 OC]  Recharging by Plantress [Persona 5 OC] Recharging :iconplantress:Plantress 15 2 [Requests] Persona Q style! by Plantress [Requests] Persona Q style! :iconplantress:Plantress 12 11 [BnHA OC] Empathy Girl by Plantress [BnHA OC] Empathy Girl :iconplantress:Plantress 13 7 [Persona 5 OC] Luca Q by Plantress [Persona 5 OC] Luca Q :iconplantress:Plantress 14 6 [Persona 5 OC] Center of Attention by Plantress [Persona 5 OC] Center of Attention :iconplantress:Plantress 12 4 [AT] What is that? by Plantress [AT] What is that? :iconplantress:Plantress 9 4 [Persona 5 OC] Luca Design Sketches by Plantress [Persona 5 OC] Luca Design Sketches :iconplantress:Plantress 14 3 Pokemon/KHR: Cavallone by Plantress Pokemon/KHR: Cavallone :iconplantress:Plantress 14 8 [Voltron OC] I just don't get it.... by Plantress [Voltron OC] I just don't get it.... :iconplantress:Plantress 16 3
Critique welcomed on anything in my gallery.

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[Persona 5 OC] Luca Stamp by Plantress

[KHR OCs] Hiorko and Kiyomi by Plantress [KHR/Persona 5 OCs] Phantom Thief Siblings by Plantress
I got tagged by :iconsharkynnaise: a few days ago, so here we go again!  Not actually tagging anyone this time since I did that in a previous journal, but do this if you want to:

Post these rules.
Post 8 facts about your character.
Tag 8 other people; post their avatars & write their oc’s names next to them.

[Persona 5 OC] Luca Q by Plantress

1. Luca was originally a Katekyo Hitman Reborn OC that has since crossed over several fandoms before settling in Persona 5.  My first playthrough of the game I had no idea what name to use, so just used Luca's for Joker.  Which eventually lead to me realizing that Luca actually fit in perfectly with the characters/story, and the rest is history.
2. Luca's originally outfit 'theme' went through several changes.  It was more musketeer based at first, but that was basically Haru's theme. I toyed around with a more 1920's gangster feel after that, but figured that wouldn't be something that Luca would think of.  Then I hit on the more outlaw/cowboy theme he currently has and went with it.
3. Luca tries to act more cool and mature than he really is. He's more of a drama queen than he wants to admit to, and his slightly over-the-top actions when in Phantom Thief form are a glimpse of that.
4. He doesn't really pay that much attention to his grades, but he does feel frustrated with himself if he actually fails a class.  He would probably get better grades if he studied more, but he puts skating above academics.
5. Talks a big game about how he knows that figure skating isn't a career that lasts a long time, and that he has prepared for that and planned ,but is really very worried about it. Tries to avoid thinking about.
6. Takes more pictures with his phone than most people realize.  He just tries to be secretive about it because he doens't want people to think he's that vain/sentimental.
7. He's dragged Yusuke out on the ice to teach him to skate a bunch. It's relaxing for him, since he doesn't have to worry about his skating being judged for once.
8. Actually much better in a street brawl than you would give him credit for at first.  He fights very dirty.

Other character tags:
OC Tag - TsuneoAnd got tagged by :iconglasses-dog:!  Already tagged people so not including any tags in this journal.  Feel free to do it if you want to though!

Post these rules.
Post 8 facts about your character.
Tag 8 other people; post their avatars & write their oc’s names next to them.

1. Tsuneo is not nearly the delinquent people think he is, but he did take up smoking when he gave up on anyone believing him about his reputation. Given the rumors swirling around it might also have been a bit out of his control in general.  He found it much harder to quit than he wanted to admit to when he started cleaning up his act after everything was over.  He still finds himself tempted to fall back into the habit years later.
2. The only reason he started wearing eye shadow was because he got tired to people remarking about the bags under his eyes and figured blac
OC Tag - KiyomiGot tagged by :iconbossusaurus:!
Post these rules.
Post 8 facts about your character.
Tag 8 other people; post their avatars & write their oc’s names next to them.

1. Kiyomi gets frequent migraines. Originally this was because I wanted to have her have synesthesia - sound to color- with the headaches as a side effect.  But that condition ultimately ended up having so little to do with her actual story I took it out.
2. She loves stats and numbers concerning her favorite baseball teams.  She can rattle them off almost from memory and is scarily accurate with them. Yamamoto, who doesn't pay as much attention to the numbers, is impressed and slightly amused by this.  She tried to apply this knowledge to the Namimori baseball team in order to get them to improve, with mixed results.
3. She was so stern and seemingly standoffish when Tsuna and his guardians first


When you're trying to work on a prompt for a character/pairing but you keep getting ideas for other fics about them and it's hard to pick just one to focus on.
Someone give me OC questions at my curiouscat?
I can't focus properly today since muscle aches from my flu shot yesterday kept me awake half the night.  So give me something to distract me.
The only problem with having an OT3 is realizing that it will be more expensive to get art of all of them together.
I stress so much when it comes to picking a pose once I decided to do a real reference for one of my characters.  I want the pose to be interesting, but I want it to be clear enough that you can see the details on things.  So I end up not being sure what to pick, and that's why I have so many references I need to draw but never do~


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