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Quest Board by Plantpedia Quest Board by Plantpedia
Quests lets you earn items and seeds. Some may offer exclusive items.

Quest Guidelines
- You must complete the quest by the set deadline on the quest. -
- You may need certain items/skills to complete quests. -
- Inability to complete a quest results in lowering your villager's reputation. This may lead you to be unable to do certain things like taking on some jobs. -
- You may extend the deadline for the quest if you run into real-life problems like sickness, computer problems, etc. You may not extend because you don't feel like doing it. -
- If you know you are going to be too busy to complete it, do not apply for a quest. -
- First come. First serve. -
- If a quest is incomplete by the deadline, it will be posted on the quest board again. -
- Fill out below form to accept a quest. -

Username :
Villager Ref :
Quest Number :

Lineart : Blobosaur
Wood Texture : Rifificz
Paper Texture : akinna-stock

For use at Plantaria only.
Prince-Pup Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
woah the wood detail is amazing :D
it's actually just overall amazing :3
Blobosaur Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016  Student Digital Artist
the wood was actually made using a texture made by Rifificz 
the link should be in the description c:
Prince-Pup Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i know i read the description >u<~♫
still amazing though *v*
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