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Gallery Folders

SassySassy (process) by RobinTheFox
Lizard by Nathan123qwe
Bounded  Feet Ych by Nathan123qwe
Bounded Aadvar by Nathan123qwe
Character - Beerus

Mature Content

Paw Day Icon - Evil-Sprite 1 by MonsterInfight

Mature Content

Beerus Tickled (Commision) by KyuDude
Lord Beerus Vore by KyuDude

Mature Content

Surprised by Beerus and Mewtwo's Feet (Gift) by TobyMcDee
Character - Krystal
Bears and Ursines
Bears In The Balneae 10 by efredrules
Kitchen Bear A5 by efredrules
[Request] Freddy - Please Deposit Five Coins by Garfiled123456

Mature Content

Streamin Sar by Nudeknightart
Canine - Dogs
Stop for the New Challenger by GodaDuhSlime
captured boy ( Line Art ) by wanderer1988

Mature Content

[AT] Bridget by FOXnROLL
Ocean by Qwaychou
Canine - Jackals
ACOrigins-Feet 1 by GiuseppeDiRosso
ACOrigins-Feet by GiuseppeDiRosso
Chacal Thundercats by UZOMISTUDIO
Pharaoh Hound by WolfBite89
Canine - Wolves
Colin by SailorCephiro
[AT] Iota by FOXnROLL
awooooooo by DeathstarCocktail
Letting the Puppies Air Out by GodaDuhSlime
Canine - Werewolves
One Piece Another Road - Roxy Su Long by Nathan123qwe
Tickle Time For The Alpha by dlpeattie
Lycanthrope by Emeric-Depierre
Night Sniper by GodRay
Canide - Dingo
Kahza-Nirovsk Work Hard Play Hard Poster by JayAxer
Canine other
Stretching After a Long Workout  by GodaDuhSlime
No Peeking! [AT] by Acaciathorn
Trade: Voluminous Vixen by MrBlue9020
Middle Ages Porn... by FOXnROLL
Vulpines - Vulpine other

Mature Content

[AT] Howdy! by FOXnROLL
Vulpines - Fennec
Feline - Lion
Get over here by Dockyo
Feline - Tigers
Rei from BoF by JayAxer
Feline - Leopard
Chui Watu Loranor warrior by Shabazik
Feline - Cheetah
Mihari by FOXnROLL
Feline other
Pretty Kitty by Acaciathorn
Rodent - Mouse
Girlfriends by DeathstarCocktail
Rodent - Rat
SSW Twitch by wanderer1988
Rodent - Beaver
Rodent - Squirrel
You're So Pretty by Zaphkiellane
Rodent - other
Giant Feet #2 by Nathan123qwe
Marsupials - Kangeroo

Mature Content

Caroo: Tickle Magazine by Nudeknightart
Marsupials - Fossa
Fossa Boy by Zaphkiellane
Marsupials - Opossum
RatRod Possum Girl by Zaphkiellane
Marsupials - Badger
[C] What's so Funny? by ManlyKaz
Marsupials - Koala
Marsupials - Quoll
Marsupials - Wallaby
Marsupials - Other
[C] An Apple a Day by ManlyKaz
Mustelids - Otter

Mature Content

More LadyKaze by Boneitis
Mustelids - Skunk

Mature Content

Deirdre and the otter or Deirdre's present by Greedywoozle
Mustelids - Ferret
Candy Cane Children by Zaphkiellane
Mustelids - Weasel
Daxtor by Rikkoshaye
Mustelids - other

Mature Content

Hermine mignonne! by FOXnROLL
Viverridae - Civet
Confirmation by Zaphkiellane
Viverridae - other
Excuse Me! by Zaphkiellane
Gnoll - Hyena

Mature Content

Lovers (RP) by TheUrgeWithin
Leporidae - Rabbit and Hare
Lebelia by DeathstarCocktail
Procyonidae - Raccoon
Heart Bandit [C] by ZiggyJ101
Procyonidae - other
Yabby (AKA Crawfish) Boil by Zaphkiellane

Mature Content

Post-Practice Dash by Nudeknightart
Mustelids - Mink
Primates - Gorilla
Primates - Lemur
Sugar Cane And Ginger For Fish by Zaphkiellane
Primates - Human
[Request] Vegeta feet in the bed by Garfiled123456
Primates - Monkey
The Perks of Spotting  by GodaDuhSlime
Primates - other
The Slayer's payback by BalkanPredator
Exotic and Mythicals

Mature Content

Show me your dick by I-si-u
Reptilian - Gecko
.:Flipping channels:. by NastyaLapka
Reptilian - Alligator and Crocodile
Rest After Work by wanderer1988
Reptilian - Lizard
Lizard The Animated Series Style by Nathan123qwe
Reptilian - Iguana
Earth Kukamia - Iguanidae by ShaneTheWolf
Reptilian - Dragon
Red Dragoness - youre Godness by RobinTheFox
Reptilian - Snake and Serpens

Mature Content

Lefftah_vs_ladyFang_Finished Art_10_2018 by AlexBaxtheDarkSide
Reptilian - Dinosaur

Mature Content

When you meet Sauropods for the first time by TriasTheDinoArtist
Reptilian - Turtle
Koopsie  by GodaDuhSlime
Reptilian other
That foot fetish - Commission by I-si-u
Emi by DeathstarCocktail
Theme - Reference Sheet
Neka by EatenRibs
Theme - Comic

Mature Content

Delve pg 319 by Necrovert
Theme - Mature content
One Way to Shut Him Up - by ZipZap by Knightjax
Theme - Transformation
TF Snapshot 04 by GeckzGo
Theme - Violence and Gore

Mature Content

Mileena and Gef by SailorCephiro
Theme - Bondage
Playtime - by Skeleion by Knightjax
Theme - Tickle
Sitka tickling Dehani (digitized) by SailorCephiro
Theme - Military
Moyo by SailorCephiro
Theme - Vore

Mature Content

Family picnic by Greedywoozle
Theme - Macro and Micro

Mature Content

Big Feet and Tiny Dragons by Nudeknightart
Theme - Stomping
Wake-Up Call - by Spunky by Knightjax

Mature Content





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Group Info

This is a Group for all anthropomorphic animals, furries and feet/paws fans.
Founded 4 Years ago
Sep 27, 2014


Group Focus

109 Members
151 Watchers
17,574 Pageviews
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Welcome to plantigradecharacter. This group collect artwork from all anthropomorphic animals, furries and feet/paws fans.

:bulletred:All anthropomorphic animals, furries are welcome
:bulletred:All anthropomorphic animals, furries must have plantigrade paws / feet we prefers 5 toes
:bulletred:Invite the artwork to the correct folder
:bulletred:Please if the original artwork is available on DeviantART invite the original artwork

:bulletgreen: Anyone is accepted.
:bulletgreen: Co-Founder and Contributors are still needed.

:bulletblue: All user can invite 10 pictures each day
:bulletblue: All Co-Founder can invite 10 pictures each day

:bulletblue: We are on Furaffinity too plantigradefurs










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Guilliman-Heretic Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Student General Artist
Is there a digitgrade group out there somewhere?

*foot phobia* >_<;;
ManlyKaz Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for requesting my work! 
X-Monkey Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
hello everybody...  nice to meet you all ^^

And sorry by the flood on draws...  but seems someone have an eye for my works ....  honestly i feel Flattered ^^
SiberioTheBear Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018
How can I be a contributor?
GiuseppeDiRosso Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018
I'm just thinking out loud.

Why is it in fiction anthros who are all bare footed never gets addressed?TaleSpin and Zootopia are two examples of of a contemporary setting  where anthros mostly all go barefooted. There is no advertisements of foot salons that would do pedicures. Why doesn't employers have hygiene standards for workers feet? The list goes on. Imagine in Zootopia a tiger sits down with its pads exposed would have them dyed a purple color?

The same goes for tails. There is no tail jewelry or tail salons in Zootopia.
GiuseppeDiRosso Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018
I am thinking of a scenario of Rocket Raccoon. The Guardians of the Galaxy have an appointment to meet royality, while Rocket' s feet are filthy. Peter Quill gets on Rocket's case on having dirty feet before meeting someone important. Rocket would then turn his feet to look at his soles to check them out to see if they are dirty. He would then feel slightly embarrassed for having dirty feet.
dlpeattie Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018
Nice idea, it could be a good set up for some feet washing tickling.
dlpeattie Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018
Not a bad idea. Good for a set up involving wash tickling.
ShaneTheWolf Featured By Owner Edited Jan 20, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Update: I havent the time to move all artworks, to the correct folder.

You can now invite each week 10 pictures in the correct folder

I had also add some more folder
ShaneTheWolf Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
You can now Invite 10 pictures each day, to  featured folder
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