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Updates! Considering it's been 9 or so months :P

3 min read
Hey everyone,

I hope you all have been well and keeping busy with lots of art projects :)
As you may have seen I finally finished my painting for Modern Eden Gallery's Fiction show later on this month - I am picking her up from the framers today and shipping her off to San Francisco! Fingers crossed for a safe journey!!

I tried to keep my summer schedule as clear as possible, but it doesnt really look like that worked out too well :P
I have an exclusive Tophatter auction coming up! I will be auctioning off some limited editions, new releases, original ACEOs and even a mini painting :O The auction is on June 18th at 6 pm PT time - which is 3 am my time so I hope some of you come join me so I am not there alone in the middle of the night lol!
You can sign up and rsvp here! -…

Other than that, I have a 4 foot commission to finish - which is of a Scandinavian creature called a Huldra! Actually it's three huldras...and yes it has been taking me the entire year so far to get to a semi decent level O_o

I will be painting the Mona Lisa for Modern Eden as well in July so stay tuned!

In October, I am painting a cult movie bad guy for Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles ^^ I cant wait to tell you all which one hehe ;)
And in November I will be painting Titania from a Midsummer Night's Dream for Ltd. Art Gallery's "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words" show!

Now, there may be a mermaid thrown in there in September....and I may have overbooked myself with commissions. But I am sure I will survive :P One step at a time. Come on by to the auction and if you'd like to keep up to beat with my work in progresses I am constantly on Facebook!
Or even - I send out a monthly newsletter for those who are not -

Look forward to sharing with you all the work yet to come, and hope you all have a fabulous summer!
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Whhaaat no new art? Tis the season of experiments

2 min read
Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you so much again for all of the new watchers on here! You guys rock my socks ^^
Second, I know its been weirdly silent with new artwork lately. I promised myself a much more relaxed schedule during September before more shows come closer to their deadline.
But!! I have been having super amounts of fun with oil paints lately! I got 16 colors of Schminke oils, mediums, and an awesome easel for my birthday this year *yaay!!* So I have been starting tons of small projects, and fluffing about having a ball hehe
That being said my time of rest is coming to an end. I will be a part of the Red Siren Art Collective's show in L.A. at the 423West Gallery next year, as well as in a group show at the Auguste Clown Gallery.
So! Wish me luck, hope I dont mess up with oils, and hey!
Be sure to come bug me on my FB page - I am always yammering on over there with my going ons ^^ So even if its silent here, it is definitely not silent everywhere!

Hope to see you around and keep up the creativity guys!

~ Christina
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Celebrating with a Sale!

1 min read
After 6 long months of painting for my upcoming solo show, I am finally complete with the Fragile Things collection. *Phew!*
As a celebration, I am having a 20% off sale on my entire Etsy shop!
Just enter the coupon code: CELEBRATION8711 on checkout and celebrate along with me hehe ^^

Plantiebee Etsy shop:…

You know I'm waving my pom poms! Hope everyones having a great weekend, and thank you so so much for your support :D!
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I have been Tagged!! - held at gunpoint - ,)

6 min read
I have been tagged by the cunning Ms. :iconcatswire: - you dont double cross her so I will get writing!! :P

The Rules of Play

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs!
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people. Or not. The first rules said this. I'm changing it. Tag...whomever. But make sure you tag THREE strangers. It's the Internet! Whatertheygonna do, come hunt you down and make you push the 'delete' key? You know who you are, you whom I've altered this rule for.

5 Things About Plantiebee

1) I have lived abroad since I was 18, first in Berlin - Germany, then Southern England, and here now in Southern Sweden
2) I have a 5 year old son, who has a mohawk and is obsessed with numbers
3) I used to HATE painting with acrylics and used to be a strict color pencil and charcoal user. Now - I dont think I could make much decent with dry mediums :P
4) I was named after the Swedish queen "Christina" who was a bit of a rebel and ran the throne without a king - little did I know I would end up in Sweden one day....
5) Plantiebee is a name derived from plant limb, which was a nickname given to me when I was a all-american teenager by my foreigner best friends who thought I needed to "grow" like a the limb, has gotten some flowers...and thus....Bees!

Now! - The questions Cat has asked me :P

1. What's the first dream you remember?
The first dream I remember was when I was about 7. I was replaced by a robot in my family, and sent to live with monsters, like my father was a zombie, and my mother was a vampire. It was scary, but for a while I was happy to be away from home. I finally ran away and returned and I remember being traded back for the robot and crying as I walked past her to my real mother (I have alot of strange dreams. This will never stop!)
2. You have decided to live in a cave as hermit. What three things (beside what you need for surviving, so don't say matches or a knife) will you take with you?
I would take alot of paper and pens. If I cant talk to anyone, I would probably write, and sketch, alot (mixed up together quite frequently) and probably an old soccer ball. So it will grow grass on it and I'll give it a name so it can be my forever friend :P
3. If you decided to emigrate, what country would you choose?
Oof, which one would it be THIS time. My first thought would be southern France. France has some amazing nature, and down south it would be just the right amount of warm. You never know. Just dont expect me to learn french :P
4. See above .... why?
(I already answered you!!)
5. What's your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest?! I dont know...I have issues with two faced people.  I dont know if thats a pet peeve, but I am not ocd or in any way a neat freak. I just have a big issue with people being kind to you, then using that to trash talk what you say to them to other people. It just drives me mad!
6. You walk through London at night and get bitten by a bat. What do you do?
Call my boyfriend Richard and tell him True Blood is coming to England, and ask him why the hell did I go back to the rain soaked country in the first place. Clearly, it is cursed!!
7. What's the most embarrassing movie you have ever seen?
Embarassing?! Thats an awkward question :P I have no real answer to that, I am sorry!
8. If there is anything you regret not having done yet, what is it?
Gone back home to the states - I havent been in years and theres never a "good time". I am so lame for it.
9. Do you prefer snow or rain?
Probably snow. At least then you know its cold and you wont get disappointed.
10. Are you already rolling your eyes at those stupid questions?
I am getting sleepy :P Bah! 11 pm!
11. The most important question of all ... why did the chicken cross the road?
Because clearly, the grass is greener on the other side ;)

Now, I will tag some people. Cant say itll be 11 but...


Okay I think thats enough torture.
Heres my questions :P

1. If you were a mermaid....
2. A life without art or a life without music?
3. If you lost the use of your arms, would you consider painting with your feet?!
4. If you were able to time travel, to which time period would you go`?
5. And what would you do to mess around with folks!
6. What is the one color you cant help but use in what you create?
7. Do you believe in love at first sight?
8. What is the one quality in a person you admire above all others?
9. If time and money wasnt an issue you would....
10. Moths or butterflies?
11. How long do you think you'd last without technology?

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Free Giveaway of an Original Painting!

1 min read
That's right - I am giving away an original painting on Facebook :P
Just a way of me saying thank you for all the new fans and followers, I wanted to do something extra special this time!
The paintings are Hunters Run and Winter's Prayer
The only 2 Bird Girl canvases I have left! The winner will get to pick which painting they want - a value of $180 - so get in while the gettings good :D

You can head on over to plantie's on Facebook:…
Read the rules and enter ^^
Good luck to everyone and thank you so much again for all of your amazing support! :squee:
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Updates! Considering it's been 9 or so months :P by plantiebee, journal

Whhaaat no new art? Tis the season of experiments by plantiebee, journal

Celebrating with a Sale! by plantiebee, journal

I have been Tagged!! - held at gunpoint - ,) by plantiebee, journal

Free Giveaway of an Original Painting! by plantiebee, journal