Whhaaat no new art? Tis the season of experiments

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Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you so much again for all of the new watchers on here! You guys rock my socks ^^
Second, I know its been weirdly silent with new artwork lately. I promised myself a much more relaxed schedule during September before more shows come closer to their deadline.
But!! I have been having super amounts of fun with oil paints lately! I got 16 colors of Schminke oils, mediums, and an awesome easel for my birthday this year *yaay!!* So I have been starting tons of small projects, and fluffing about having a ball hehe
That being said my time of rest is coming to an end. I will be a part of the Red Siren Art Collective's show in L.A. at the 423West Gallery next year, as well as in a group show at the Auguste Clown Gallery.
So! Wish me luck, hope I dont mess up with oils, and hey!
Be sure to come bug me on my FB page www.facebook.com/plantiebees - I am always yammering on over there with my going ons ^^ So even if its silent here, it is definitely not silent everywhere!

Hope to see you around and keep up the creativity guys!

~ Christina
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I wish you all the best:shamrock:
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thank yoooou hehe ^^
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