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Commission status: Open

Are you looking to commission artwork that ranges from cute animals to badass fantasy creatures? From super adorable animated pixel journal dolls to awesome fully coloured and shaded anthro art at a fair price you can't knock? If so, I'm your artist!

Fill in the form provided below and send it to me in a NOTE, please do not post it as a comment on my profile. Notes are easier for me to keep track of and don't get lost in my inbox. This order form acts as a written contract/agreement so if you don't fill it out correctly or don't use it at all, your request will be declined.

When filling the form in, please do not remove anything written in bold text, thank you.

USER NAME: (By signing your name here, you are agreeing to SnakeBite-Studios' TOS/TOU.)
(Your deviantART username)

(Choose one of the available options for your commission)

(Links to character reference images. Visual reference is a MUST and needs to be clear, easy to understand and as accurate to the character's design as possible. If certain aspects of the design in the reference are not correct for some reason, please tell me before I start)

(Description of what you want drawn. Vague descriptions will be open to interpretation, so unless you're ok with me running with my own idea and direction based on the given info, you need to give me the important key details so I can provide you with what you're looking for, and please keep it short and to the point. You will also need to provide reference images for desired poses and other important features)

(How much the commission will cost you. Base price plus the additional cost of any extra characters, frames or background. This will be edited to add on any additional charges for corrections, redraws, rush fees etc. later if there are any)

(Leave blank. This is for me to say whether or not I can do the commission. I will send your form back with this filled in)

By commissioning me, you (the client) affirm to have read and agree to be legally bound by the following Terms of Service listed below. Failure to abide by the Terms of Service may result in a rejected/ cancelled commission with or without a refund, and/ or a blacklist/ public service announcement. Please note that these Terms of Service may be subject to change without prior notice.

Please note that as the artist, I retain all rights to the art I'm paid to draw regardless of the subject matter and characters featured, and I can use the work in any way I see fit. This may include uploading to social medias/other art gallery sites I use as promotion of my services or selling altered versions as prints, stickers etc. in the future.

Bullet; Green Credit MUST be given in all circumstances where my art is used

Bullet; Green The client may use the artwork for private, personal things eg. to print out and hang on their wall, use as a desktop wallpapers etc.

Bullet; Green Line arts may only be coloured by the client it was made for.

:bulletred: Art commissioned from me with deviantART points is not to be used for commercial purposes of any kind by the client, eg. sold as prints and other merchandise, or reproduced for this purpose. Art intended for commercial use must have a proper contract written up first and be paid for with real money, see details here…

Bullet; Red Do not claim my work as your own

Bullet; Red Do not remove my signature or watermarks/copyright etc. or alter or edit my work in any way except for resizing

Bullet; Red Do not repost/redistribute my work anywhere without my permission. You are paying for my time and materials, not the rights to the art. I reserve the right to file a report for copyright infringement if my work is uploaded without permission and proper credit.

Bullet; Red If I give you permission to upload to your gallery/social network profile/elsewhere, please use the smaller resolution version with my watermark on, provide a link to the original displayed in my gallery in your submission description and disable comments if possible.

Before you order anything, please make sure you have enough points on hand to cover the price of your commission and any additional fees for corrections etc. that may crop up.

-I only accept points payment though DA's commission widget/shop page. I will set up the commission widget for you to send the payment once I've given you confirmation that I can/will do the commission.

- Full payment must be made upfront due to the way the commission widget/shop page works.

- Rude/ overly demanding/ high stress clients will be charged extra fees.

- Any additional fees for corrections etc. that were added to the total later must be sent within 7 days after completion. If I don't receive the rest of the payment, I will sell an altered version of the piece as prints or digital downloads through DA's premium content platform as compensation.

- If you send payment through the 'give' dropdown menu or donation pool instead of the commission widget/shop page as instructed, your payment will be refunded back and the commission will be declined until payment is sent the correct way.


As the artist, I have the right to cancel and refund a commission at any point in time for any reason.

Please note that since I take payment through DA's commission widget/shop page, the site takes a 20% cut of the artist's earnings, so this may affect how much you get back should I need to refund you.

:bulletgreen: If something happens that prevents me from starting your commission, or you decide to cancel before I begin working, you will get your payment back in full.

:bulletgreen: If I have started working on your commission but can't finish it, or you change your mind and want to cancel part way through the process, you will get a partial refund. How much you get back will depend on how much work I've already done. You will also receive the PNG file of the unfinished commission along with your refund should you want it. Please keep in mind that I might recycle parts of cancelled commission projects into new pieces later on if you ever plan to take the incomplete commission to another artist to be finished.

:bulletred: There will be absolutely NO refunds when the piece is completed. I'm sorry if you're not satisfied with the finished outcome, but I still deserve to be paid for the time and effort that went into creating a custom piece of art for you.


- Turnaround time should be within 2 weeks, however there's a possibility it may take longer due to other factors such as health and family related things. You'll be notified if problems that prevent me from getting your commission done in a timely manner pop up.

- If you have a deadline you need the art by, please discuss it with me beforehand. Additional rush fees may be charged, but I can't guarantee that the art will be up to my usual standard if I have to hurry to meet your deadline.

- I won't accept commissions with very tight deadlines such as things that need to be completed by the next day.

I will upload a sketch for you to review and point out any changes you want made.

- The first review and minor corrections is free, but every round of changes requested after the first free one will have a small charge of 200 points.

- There won't be any more changes made to the composition, poses or designs after I start the line art. Make sure you point out all the changes you want made during the sketch stage.

- Only small, simple changes like correcting colouring mistakes can be done after the piece is finished.

- There will be extra charges if a redraw is requested. The cost will depend on how much you want redone.

- You're welcome to request progress shots throughout the process if you want them, but please don't demand one every day.

All available commissions are digital art. Unfortunately I don't have the means to print out and send you a physical copy of the work, however once I get the full payment you will receive the full sized and unmarked png file of your commission through, which you can print out yourself if you want.

I don't give out the original mdp (FireAlpaca's native format) files of my work, I keep those private in case I have to deal with art theft or copyright infringement and need to prove I'm the original artist.

 (I'm sorry if there's something you'd like from me that isn't listed here, but I don't/won't draw it)

:bulletgreen: Dragons and other fantasy reptiles

:bulletgreen: Birds, griffins and other bird-like creatures

:bulletgreen: Dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles

:bulletgreen: Humanoids

:bulletgreen: Anthro bird, dragon and dinosaur type characters

:bulletgreen: Human characters

:bulletgreen: I don't mind doing fan art pieces, but it depends on what it is you're asking for.
(I'll do a better job if I'm familiar with the series and characters)

:bulletgreen: I don't mind drawing pieces with mild blood and violence.

(My skills either aren't suited to, or I am not comfortable with these subject matters)

Can't do:
:bulletred: Graphics, fonts and logos

:bulletred: Comics

:bulletred: chibies and young child characters

:bulletred: Robots, vehicles and other machinery

:bulletred: complex backgrounds/scenery

:bulletred: Overly muscular body builder and chubby body types

Absolutely refuse to do:
Bullet; Red Fetishes, erotica/porn, nudes ... just sexual content in general

Bullet; Red Explicit gore and body horror

- All artwork will be done in my own style(s). I will not try to mimic another artist's particular drawing style.

- My style may change depending on what I'm drawing and if I am working from a reference or not.

My prices are based on the time it takes to complete the artwork.

I live in the UK so my prices are set with the local currency value in mind. USD is worth less than GBP, $1 is only worth somewhere around £0.50 (approximate estimation since currency values are always changing) and 100 points is only worth $1.

There's a maximum of 2 characters per drawing for the base price, any additional characters or a background panel will cost extra. Coloured pieces with no background will be transparent, and sketches/linearts will have white backgrounds by default. You can request a single colour background of your choice instead of the default transparent or white one if you prefer, there is no additional charge for this.

Examples will be updated when I create new pieces. The art posted here as examples may contain subject matters that I don't actively draw and won't do for commissions.

:bulletgreen: Cel shaded
Full body :points: 4000
Half body:points: 3000
Headshot:points: 2000

Big angry lizard does big angry lizard things. by PlantFeathers

Bullet; Green Flat colour
Full body Points 3000
Half body :points: 2000
Head shot :points: 1000

Spyro by PlantFeathers

Bullet; GreenLine art
Full body Points 2000
Half body :points: 1000
Head shot :points: 750

Slowly scoots away... by PlantFeathers

:bulletgreen: Sketch
Fullbody :points: 1000
Half body :points: 750
Headshot :points: 500
additional :points: 500 charged for single layer greyscale shading

Signal boost +sketch+ by PlantFeathersPain is temporary by PlantFeathers

:bulletgreen:Single character animated pixel journal/page doll- starting at :points: 750
50 points is charged for each extra frame for animations exceeding 5 frames
(these are made with GIMP. The software can be a bit funny when it comes to making gifs so the more simple the animation the better)
Spyro Journal doll by PlantFeathers

:bulletgreen:Single character static pixel journal/page doll- :points: 500

Commission: Astin journal doll by PlantFeathers

Additional character pricing:
 (maximum of 2 extra characters)
There's a maximum of 2 characters per piece for the base prices above excluding journal dolls. Any additional characters will each cost:

Cel shaded:
Full body :points: 2000
half body :points: 1500
head shot :points: 1000

Flat colour:
full body :points: 1500
half body :points: 1000
head shot :points: 500

 full body :points: 1000
half body :points: 500
 head shot :points: 350

full body :points: 500
half body :points: 350
head shot :points: 300

Background pricing
I don't do full piece backgrounds, but if you'd like a simple comic-esque scenery panel background rather than the transparent or single colour one included in the base price, it will cost an additional:

Line art :points: 1000
Flat colour :points: 2000
Fully shaded :points:3000

The ultimate freedom by PlantFeathers Patch yourself up by PlantFeathersXeo's Pumpkin +lines+ by PlantFeathersBulletproof heart V2 by PlantFeathers


Contact me:
I am most active here on DA, so you can contact me here either by comment or note.

If you can't get a hold of me here however, you can also find me on these sites:

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