Art trade rules
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Art trade rules
I have a few rules and guidelines when it comes to art trades. Please take the time to read this journal first if you're interested in doing an art trade with me.

Please note that any commissions I have agreed to do will take priority over trades.

How to initiate a trade:
If you've stumbled upon my page and you're interested in an art trade, please send me a note! Even if I don't openly state anywhere that I'm accepting trades at the time, you're free to ask. I may take you up on your offer if I like your work and your request interests me enough to draw it.

If I'm openly looking for art trades in the forums, please keep your trade requests/offers and discussion in the forum thread so it's all in one place.

  I will only accept trades with artists of a similar skill level to mine or better, or if your work really appeals to me. I'd like what I get out of the trade to be worth the time and effort I put into drawing the thing you ask from me.

Please remember that I have every right to turn down a trade if I can't/don't want to do it at the time, or if I am not comfortable drawing the subject matter you're asking for. You are welcome to ask for something else if I can't do the first thing you request.

Required info:
If I agree to do a trade with you, here's the information you need to provide me with:

Description details:-
- If you have a particular vision in mind, please tell me otherwise I will just wing it and go in my own direction with the given information.
- Please keep any descriptions short and to the point with just the important details, I don't want to read a whole novel's worth of information and have to try picking out the important stuff from the irrelevant noise.

- You are required to provide reference images for your desired poses and other important features, I won't go out of my way to look for references myself.

Character references:-
Good visual references of the characters you want drawn is required! I do not like, or work well with written descriptions.
(I don't want to know their whole back story or what they do in their own time, I just need to know what they look like!)

Trade type:-
 Please tell me what kind of artwork you'd like out of these choices.
(I work digitally)
- sketch
-line art
-flat colour
-cel shaded

-head shot
-half body
-full body

- Very simple, or no background

No matter what kind of trade we do, I expect the same thing I have done in return. So a half body sketch for a half body sketch, fully coloured full body piece for fully coloured full body piece etc. This is why the trade type is important info to include in your trade request.

I expect you to put time and effort into your work. I wouldn't send you a rushed, halfassed scrawl as my half, so please have the courtesy to do the same. Trades are technically not free work after all.

 It can take me anywhere from just a few hours to 2 weeks to get your piece done, but to ensure that the trade is a success and the trade partner doesn't flake out and not produce their half of the trade, I will not upload my half until I see proof that the other artist is upholding their end of the deal and is working on their half.

 (I'm sorry if there's something you'd like from me that isn't listed here, but I don't/won't draw it)

:bulletgreen: Dragons and other fantasy reptiles

:bulletgreen: Birds, griffins and other bird-like creatures

:bulletgreen: Dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles

:bulletgreen: Humanoids

:bulletgreen: Anthro characters

:bulletgreen: Human characters

:bulletgreen: I don't mind doing fan art pieces, but it depends on what it is you're asking for.
(I'll do a better job if I'm familiar with the series and characters)

:bulletgreen: I don't mind drawing pieces with mild blood and violence.

(My skills either aren't suited to, or I am not comfortable with these subject matters)

Can't do:
:bulletred: Graphics, fonts and logos

:bulletred: Comics

:bulletred: chibies

:bulletred: Robots, vehicles and other machinery

:bulletred: complex backgrounds/scenery

:bulletred: Overly muscular body builder or chubby body types

Absolutely refuse to do:
:bulletred: Fetishes, erotica/porn, nudes ... just NSFW content in general

:bulletred: Weirdly proportioned women with oversized boobs and butts

:bulletred: Explicit gore and body horror

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