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Vader Pumpkin Stencil

By plangkye
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I didn't like any of the Vader stencils I found on any stencil sites, so I made one. I have high hopes for this - will post photos of the carved pumpkin when it's done!

Use at will. :)
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Hello, I like it very much. I wish I could use this pattern for a project. Can I borrow it?
Thank you, Elisa
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Absolutely, it is free to use!
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Thank you, I'll show the photos of the finished project ;-)
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T-shirt is finished.

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That ended up looking pretty cool.
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Thanks. It helps it's a really well-designed stencil: clear, not overly fussy, iconic, and less-is-more.
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Use at will! Well, I will - thanks.

I have modified it slightly and am intending on making a t-shirt from it. I have put a coloured preview in my gallery, with credit to you in the description, if that's okay with you.

Will give you a shout when the t-shirt is done. Might be the second one as I have to get some red glitter for the energy truncheon. :-)
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i used this for my pumpkin and it looks aweso0me!
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Next year this is so going on one of my pumpkins. I'm wearing my stormie armor, too, so I'll do my best to get a pic with your design on a pumpkin held by a stormtrooper. ^_^
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Post pictures when you do! I want to see!
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I wish I had had this just before halloween. Oh well.
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Me too, it would have made the actual D'AAAAGH WHAT AM I GOING TO CARVE ON MY PUMPKINS much less stressful! I didn't even make it until about Noon on Halloween day. Ah well, there's always next year.
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That's pretty freaking awesome. Post pics for sure.
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Way ahead of you. [link]
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Woah, I should've seen what was ahead of the stencil in new deviations xD

So awesome.
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Will turn out pretty amazing, I guess ^^

Me wants an Alucard pumpkin! :O
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