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Super Sailor Slytherin

Originally drawn as a response to a disturbing number of male characters inexplicably dressed as Sailor Moon, the old version of this obtained a great many favorites - more than its crappy art deserved. It's now been redrawn, with better dialogue to boot - and a talking portrait in the background.

That boy takes after his father, the way he chooses to practice Transfiguration.

[link] to the old one, in case you're curious about the crappy art.
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At least he looks good in it 😆🤣😂

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yass boi get him woo
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Draco is bootiful just bootiful 
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Omg I can't stop laughing! 😹
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*dies laughing*
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And Picture teacher ( portrait ) - Goodness me.
And his eye XD
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And portret eyes XD
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This is brilliant. And hilarious!
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o.O :rofl: Draco it so suit you!
can't deny, he certainly has the legs for it.
Okay, I've just got to ask. I see someone has already done a Harry-to-Draco version of this (that was...passably acceptable) but I don't find Harry to be that big on public humiliation. He's too sweet.

So, since your captioning reads "Potter" and "Malfoy" I was wondering if you'd mind me overlooking pesky things like glasses and lightening bolts so that I can do this as James Sirius-to-Scorpius. I think it would be equally hilarious, it's more-likely, and I'd enjoy it nearly as much as Harry/Draco (though I personally prefer AS/S to a JS/S, but Al is firmly a Slytherin in my mind, so no-go).

Pretty, pretty please? *chibi-eyes* Easiest way to get in touch with me - <3
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Draco:Curse you Potter!
Harry:But Malfoy you look so good in green!
(Ron and Hermine appear)
Ron:I wonder what Harry did?
Darco:Potter you know I can`t run in these!
Hermine:I wonder what he is talking about?
(Harry and Darco close behind both run around the cornor)
Hermine and Ron: *laughing*
Draco:You will pay Potter!
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OMG lol this would be a perfect prank
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lol hilarious XD
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This has to be one of the most funny things I've ever seen for a HP picture. The fact that I'm sure it COULD have happened just makes it epic.
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I thought you'd like to know that your art inspired a spell I posted on Gaia Online, which inspired this fanfiction:
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You drawing has inspired a fanfic: [link]

I hope you don't mind that I ripped off your sailor outfit for Draco. I would have linked back here properly but tends to mess up links, so I gave search directions instead.

I'm not nearly as good at writing as you are at drawing, but hopefully I did it some justice.
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I laughed. So hard. This is great.
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*dies from how awesome it is*
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