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Cherry Birthday Cake

Final for my Intro To Cakes class. We were assigned to make a birthday cake with at least three roses in its decoration, and a visual indication of the flavor... and since my roses always end up more like cherry blossoms anyway, well, I knew what I was doing.
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i see porosity in the frosting
C- see me after class

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Lovely... and yummy-looking! You can come bake cakes for me anytime. <3 xD
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it's amazing, simply amazing!
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I'd be so pleased to get that for my birthday!
Well done :)
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That turned out very pretty indeed. Did it taste just as awesome?
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I... don't know ^^; We didn't cut into it...
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That is a very impressive job you did on smoothing the base icing. The design is very simple and elegant, a lovely cake!
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Oh, so that's why you frequent that fail cake website. To get a feel what not to do.
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If I didn't already know what not to do a fail website wouldn't be funny, would it?
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Absolutely gorgeous cake, Plangkye. You're right, they do look like cherry blossoms, however that said they add a wonderful quality to the pink roses, really quite incredible. Be a shame to cut into and enjoy really, only hope the taste is as immaculate as the sight.

Warmest wishes;

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Yeah, that looks really freaking sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
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Wow, it's so pretty!
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Wow! It looks amazing!
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wow that is a really pretty cake!
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