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M-80D Paladin Super Heavy Assault Tank by planetrix15 M-80D Paladin Super Heavy Assault Tank by planetrix15
The M-80 Paladin is a Super tank designed to overwhelm a numerically superior force. Its massive size combined with it's wide array of weaponry and surprising mobility, makes it ideal for not only dominating the battlefield but also for crowd control and area denial operations. Its stats are as follows:

1 254mm (10in) Hybrid Rail Cannon, effective range 180km. Shell types: Rocket assisted kinetic penetrator (RaKP), Air-burst High Explosive Fragmentation (AHEF), Flachette, Tugnstin penetrator, Area EMP *(AEMP), and 10in nuclear. 

1 120mm Cannon, effective range 3km. Shell types, Air-burst High Explosive Fragmentation (AHEF).

Defensive systems: 

1 72 Megawatt Laser, effective range 16km, Highly effective against missiles and aircraft, limited application against light armored vehicles.

1 RIM-120 Missile Launcher, effective Range 80km, effective against aircraft and missiles, while it can target ground units it's expanding rod warhead gives it little use against armored targets.

1 Active Protection System, effective range 5m, capable of prematurely detonating all manner of incoming projectiles traveling under 2700kmh.

12 Dynamic Countermeasure launchers (Rear of turret), Can deploy Chaff, Flare, Smoke and Flash Bang countermeasures.

3 None Lethal Deterrent Systems (NLDS). This system makes use of an active denial system for dispersing crowds as well as a high powered speaker capable of outputting 152 decibels of high frequency sound.

Armor: The Armor is largely classified but the hull is made out of a composite carbon plastic sandwiched between non-Newtonian fluid. In places this is covered by plates of carbon steel reactive armor. All in all the armor is so effective that it is stated that it could withstand even orbital bombardment, though this has never been tested.

Mobility: The tank has maximum speed of 80kmh thanks to its powerful engines and robust suspension. Each wheel is not only dependently powered but can rotate up to 10 degrees left or right. Each wheel also has tread that run perpendicular to their direction of rotation, these tread allow the the tank to "strafe" left or right.

The tank is powered by two micro fission reactors, the left reactor powers the wheels, secondary weapons systems and life support while the right reactor is used solely for the main cannon. If need be the reactors can dynamically switch or share rolls and in an emergency can be jettisoned from the hull. 

The tank has room for up to 22 troops and while troop transport is not one of its design specifications it is more than capable. 

The tank makes use of 10 multi-sensors around its hull to paint a 360 degree image of its environment, these sensors use sonar, radar, and lidar to get a complete multi-spectrum image. 

There is so much more I could put here but I've gone on long enough, if you want to know any more just comment! Here's a link to a 3D rendered version if you're interested.

p.s. its un-texured because the UVs are ridiculous and I don't want to deal with them
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