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M-105E4-1949 by planetrix15 M-105E4-1949 by planetrix15
(In an alternate reality)

The M-105 was a mid-war Heavy tank designed to outmatch any armored fighting vehicle currently in service. The rough designs were drawn together by the Army with the the final design and construction being contracted out to an automobile manufacturer. The end result being a Tank that met all the requirements give to it but that sported some glaring flaws. Most notably the tracks were thin and too small for the tanks weight, causing it to get stuck in sometimes in even moist dirt. The hull cam down nearly to the ground around the tracks making cross country travel even more difficult. The Armor, while the required 150mm thick had a large flat section on the front that could be easily penetrated by some of the more powerful antitank guns. Despite its flaws the M-105, named for its 105mm anti tank cannon saw relative success in the field. At ranges beyond 650m its armor was more or less impenetrable and its powerful cannon still had nearly a kilometer of effective range to play with. Thanks to the guns powerful recoil compensating capabilities it remained one of the most accurate anti-tank guns for nearly 15 years. Its 20mm coaxial and turret mounted cannons gave it better anti-infantry firepower than most tanks of the era and its cage armor meant it had increased protection from shaped charge ammunition. The M-105 served throughout the war and was retired in late 1963.

The model shown here is of the M-105E4 1949 upgrade package, witch features one of the first functioning infrared targeting systesm (located above the gun) 
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