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Kaio-ken Kyukyoku (Edit) by planetrix15 Kaio-ken Kyukyoku (Edit) by planetrix15
Breaker in his CSSJ form using a technique called Kaio-ken KyuKyoku or Kaio-ken Ultimate. It works like Kaio-ken in that it boosts the power of the user but differs a great deal in its execution. The technique will apply a x2 boost upon activation but as time passes it will boost the users power exponentially, however after each boost the time until the next also increases exponentially. It works like this...

Let's say you start with the same base power level as Goku at the start of DBZ, 334. After Kyukyoku is activated your power level is 668, after say 2 minutes a x4 boost is applied raising your power level to 2,672 (668x4), after 4 minutes (2 mins squared) a you power level becomes 21,376 (2,672x8), 16 mins a x64 multiplier (up to 1,368,064), after 256 mins a 4096 (up to 5,603,590,144), and so and so on. The time between boosts is not fixed but is based on the starting power level of the user, generally a lower base power level means shorter times between boosts. This means that very powerful people will quickly reach incredibly long times between boosts, it is possible to shorten the time but doing so requires a lot of concentration and there for it is hard to do so during battle. 

While this may sound like a crazily overpowered technique it is also quite risky, The strain placed on the body is directly related to the multiplier. Breaker himself nearly died when he attempted to push beyond a x8 multiplier, but doing so was what allowed him to attain Crimson Super Saiyen. He continues to push himself, while he's never used Kaio-ken Kyukyoku in battle he spends a lot of time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber pushing the technique to his limits and beyond. 

This took me forever to color and didn't have to patience or the foresight to color his skin, ah well all in good time.   

Edit: Added the tail and colored the sleeves, also did some minor touch ups. 
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July 27, 2015
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