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F-6A Wyvern 2 by planetrix15 F-6A Wyvern 2 :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 F-6A Wyvern Interceptor by planetrix15 F-6A Wyvern Interceptor :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 1 0 Zion Skyship by planetrix15 Zion Skyship :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 Lever Action Repeater Rifle by planetrix15 Lever Action Repeater Rifle :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 Elurion Class Starfighter Block 355-E (c. 2567 AD) by planetrix15 Elurion Class Starfighter Block 355-E (c. 2567 AD) :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 2 4 Skysword by planetrix15 Skysword :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 MacheteRusted by planetrix15 MacheteRusted :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 1 0 Machete by planetrix15 Machete :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 AIM-160 Screamer by planetrix15 AIM-160 Screamer :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 AIM-120C AMRAAM (Download) by planetrix15 AIM-120C AMRAAM (Download) :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 LAV-19 Atreaus by planetrix15 LAV-19 Atreaus :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 1 0 M-7 Marshall Light Reconnaissance Tank by planetrix15 M-7 Marshall Light Reconnaissance Tank :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 M920 Whiplash Railgun by planetrix15 M920 Whiplash Railgun :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 German Turret Weathered and Aged by planetrix15 German Turret Weathered and Aged :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 3 0 Worn Padlock by planetrix15 Worn Padlock :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 0 0 Street Lamp by planetrix15 Street Lamp :iconplanetrix15:planetrix15 1 0


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F-6A Wyvern Interceptor
The F-6A began as a study of the Soviet MiG-21 Fishbed interceptor in 1969. The first prototype, the Model 2100, was essentially just a MiG-21 with an american engine and avionics. The first YF-6 build by Boeing used the same GE J-79 engine used by the F-4 Phantom. In trials the new aircraft proved to be quite capable actually out performing the Phantom in all metrics with the exceptions of range, endurance, payload and minimum speed. With a top speed of Mach 2.6 and impressive acceleration and rate of climb the US Air Force ordered 260 aircraft to act as short range interceptors and bomber escorts. The Wyvern is armed with 4 AIM-7B Sparrow missiles and 4 20mm Aden Cannon.
Zion Skyship
The first second generation Skyship, the Zion is designed with the goal of controlling an entire front from the clouds. Armed with 16 10 inch guns, 35 8 barrel 40mm cannons, 36 21 inch Sky-torpedoes, 54 45 inch mortars, two escort fighters, up to 350 paratroopers and a massive steel ram spike at the nose there the Zion is a force to be reckoned with. Able to reach speeds of up to 81 kts at flank power and cruise at altitudes of over 11,000 feet it could command an entire battlefield with its presence alone.

3D Model:
Elurion Class Starfighter Block 355-E (c. 2567 AD)
The Elurion class is one of the oldest and longest serving fighters in the UNE arsenal. First launched in January of 2105 as the Block 1, the Elurion has served for over 450 years. The secret to the Fighters longevity lies in its construction materials. Its body is made entirely of Hydroginite (high-drodge-a-night) a  "Super material" that has a number of unique properties such as the ability to absorb, store and controllably release energy. On top of being nearly indestructible, the metal can be warped and bent but breaking or penetrating the surface requires massive amounts of energy, Hydroginite is also an ideal conductor, eliminating the need for wiring. The Elurion lacks a shield as it will use incoming energy from weapons to power its systems and, if need be, redirect the energy in the form of a powerful beam that can emanate from anywhere on the ship's surface. The Block 355-E shown here is also equipped with powerful superluminal engines and a hyperdrive, truly extending the ship's service life.

The Elurion is equiped with 4 DSV-12R Tachyon Ray Lasers as a traditional armament.  


Speed (Atmosphere) Mach 12.7, 433m/s accel.
Speed (Vacuum): Pulse thrust, rMach 200 800m/s accel, Sub-light, .94c, Superluminal, 18.6c
Speed (Hyperspace): Instantaneous over 1,500 lightyears, up to 3 hours over 600,000 lightyears. 

Cost per unit (2105) $55,000,000
                   (2567) $12,400,000

This is actually a redesign of one of my first models found here. I like this one much better.

3D Model:


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hey there, nice to meet you. I'm currently working on a degree in Game Design. As that would suggest I enjoy playing games as well as watching anime and writing when inspiration hits me. I also love editing and reviewing other peoples writing so if you want a cheap (free) editor hit me up! If you want any more info you can speak to my secretary Caroline. Say hi to the people Caroline!

Hi to the people Caroline!

She is a gem...

Favourite genre of music: Misc.
Favourite style of art: cartoon
Operating System: Windows 7 professional.
Favourite cartoon character: Kamina (TTGL)
Personal Quote: "Keep thy airspeed up, lest the ground come beneath and smite thee.


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