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Night fury! Get down!

I finally made Toothless! I've been wanting to make this plush for a very long time. Toothless is made out of minky fabric and he has machine embroidered eyes. Toothless has four claws on each foot and 20 spikes, though you can't see them all in this pic.

Each wing and fin have soft quilt batting sewn inside. The wings have a single chenille wire inserted for extra support and poseability.

Toothless is 7 inches tall not including his 'ears', and 14 inches long.

Toothles is not for sale! He belongs to me! I will not give out my pattern for him.
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Very nice! Really like the details in the ears and feet :nod:


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where can i get one of these. i really want one and would mind if any one could tell me. thanks
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So chibi and cute
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its ears are so big!n its adorable! amazing !
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My favourite dragons from How To Train Your Dragon are Gnrockle and Hideous Riffleback
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omg this is so adorable nwn

all toothless plushies in stores look really creepy, but this looks amazing oh my god
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He looks cute, and much better then the one I made out of wool. Thumbs up!
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ZAHHH so cute ;D;
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ohmy... he's SO adorable! :love:
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Is this for sale?
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i want this!!!! i love it! :3
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shut up and take my money!!!!!!!!!!!
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 It's the best!
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I know it's not for sale BUT I WANT IT SO BAD ITS ADORABLE!!!
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Beautiful!  Better than any design I've seen for sale retail.  Beautiful work.
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I have to get one1!!
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wait......U MADE DAT????? u have incredible skill
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