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I wanted to try something new for Scoot's mane, so I made another one! I've made alot of Scootaloos! Around 10 I think? Out of all the ponies, I've definitely made Scootaloo the most.

I also didn't have any bright orange, so I used sunshine yellow instead! I think she's really cute. :3

Scootaloo belongs to me. She is not for sale.
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Hi sorry to bother you but I just wanted to ask you something..... what color fabric did you use for scootaloos body?
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Do you think you'll ever put her on sale? Because I'd love to but one! Also she looks great, you did a very good job. :D
The mane looks really awesome, very accurate
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I gotta know...what color minky did you use for her hair? she looks great!
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okey dokey lokey! thanks!
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can't post comment... dying of cuteness poisoning...
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wow this is cute! I wish any of your ponies were for sale, I would buy any of them in a heartbeat ;_;
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Ho my gosh that looks adorable ;~;

Is there any way somepony could hire you to make a small plushie for them... ?
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Maigawd....shes adorabubble!! I loves it :3 Maybe one day you can make my PyroBlazer ;p
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Wow that's a lot of Scootaloos ^^' I really love this one though :D You got her mane perfect!
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You now have an entire flock of chickens.
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Scootaloo, now 20% more fluttershy
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:meow: Scootaloo, scoot-scootaloo!
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Your best Scoot so far! <3 Here, take my money!
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That sunshine yellow really works for her. Too cute!! As always! :D
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Thanks! I think it looks pretty good on her. ^^
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awww sooo cute. i hope to have a scoot of my own some day
all of ur plushes are just so amazing.
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Aww she's perfect and so dawrable <3<3<3. Her mane looks really really good too, I like it!
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Thank you so much! I'm really happy with how she turned out. ^^
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