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Hey I just got an impim from somebody and I was just wondering how to update the ownership of it? Sorry for my cluelessness its a first for me in deviantart!

This is the link to the impim's ml in question

i made my own lmao
Heia there! I wanted to Ask how hard it will be to sell my Impim. I had forgotten I owned one because of years ago. And I am in need of the money so I probably would love to sell them. But just wanted to see how highly of a chance i would have.…
This is mine.
It depends on what you price your imp and who may be interested! 
You can join our Discord and post them for sale there or make a journal and submit it to our group!
Here is your Masterlist, you will need it to sell your impim!
IMP1448 by ImpimMasterlist
You may price your impim however you feel fit, but we will not tolerate scalping!
So my main on discord (Chaotic_Kiwi2 iirc) got hacked and I can't access it anymore (I had 2FA but no keys) so I have a new main. Is it allowed to join back with the new account or no?
Yes, of course! And please let us know the old account so that we may kick it!

I will! I may have to dig through the members list when I join so I can send it