Will We Still Dream?

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A faded sun begins its struggle to find the sky. A rusty microchip recalls something named six a.m. and starts to moan. Pointlessly sentient creatures ooze from their swampy beds. They dress inside and out with varying off-colour plastic and congregate in a slimy tube. The tube slithers through the mud like a worm, the creatures unthinking and dazed. As the creatures exit the tube, the thick haze above begins to weep. The creatures scurry for the shelter of their intimidating, festering hives.

The biological machine pulses irregularly, each organ choking on contaminated fuel. The anti-social creatures, missing teeth like worn cogs, stutter and fumble as they struggle to interact. Processes, which were once high-speed bullet train journeys along beaming tracks, are now haphazard rallies across rocky deserts laced with quicksand and bottomless ravines. Where once the destination was clear, the desert stretches endlessly, a finish line nowhere to be found.

The day's dust gathers around the creatures, looking for a lung to call home. Noisy machines slowly scrape into life and begin sweeping, collecting the creatures and excreting them from their hives. The creatures sag back to the slimy tube and it slithers off, taking them back to their holes. They shed their plastic and ooze back into their swampy beds to pass out.

To any observer, just one unanswered question lingers: do they still dream?
Thoughts about the future of the human race, given the state of global warming and nuclear weapons and things.
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It's quite refreshing to reading some literature on deviantART, as opposed to the over representation of nude photography, black and white photography, animae fan art.

This is excellent.
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Thanks! Feel free to drop in on some of my poems... I'm more of a poet than a writer. =)
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Very very nice bloops, love that second sentence in particular, maybe a little too organic minded, guess that explains why I like the microchip line :)
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Glad you like it! Nevr mind microchips, organisms could be the technology of the future... ;)
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The text "organic minded" as whole, not my favourite line to clarify.
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