Post-Traumatic Stress

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Invincible is what I am until something goes wrong.
I broke my leg while walking, is there anything more dumb?
They didn't call an ambulance, they only called a hearse.
You see my skin is pale, that's why they call me the dead kid.
Any excuse to bury me in a damp and wormy grave.
The surface of the Earth was fun and all,
But luckily it's an afterlife of debauchery in hell I truly crave.

Every mistake that I could make was another kick
To send this hermit deeper into his shell.
Like vines I grew 'til I no longer knew
Whether my roots still savoured ground.
What do they call it when you reminisce
About post-traumatic stress?

Meanwhile ideas line up like test tubes in a centrifuge,
Storming around my skull.
I've turned into a jail for creative thought.
Once in a while a prisoner's released, ever since I did back down
From my plan to put them all to death by guillotine.
I just couldn't decide what to do with the severed heads.

Wandering the desert of time with a hardly a thing to drink.
Taking a break from thinking would only seal my fate.
But if you're hearing this then things worked out okay.
I chewed up problems, spat out words and forged a legacy.
This song grew on the idea of lines that don't necessarily rhyme, but still sound catchy when they're sung or spoken with a bit of rhythm. "Is there anything more dumb" reminds me a bit of the line "Your time has come again" from the song Expecting To Fly by Headless Chickens, a band that's a big influence on me.

This is a cryptic song that's basically about me, the mistakes and things that went wrong to make me who I am, and now the way in which I'm full of ideas but not spending much time on putting them into action. Sometime after starting this song, I read a very appropriate news article about a study that found talking about your problems doesn't help, but writing about them does. During the pursuit of happiness, some wounds will only heal with time, but penning a poem or two could speed up that process!
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I really enjoyed that and the odd rhyme here or there is good but it's the flow of the piece that matters most.

Some brilliant imagery in there, like the test tubes in a centrifruge "storming" around your head.
PlanetBloopy's avatar
Thanks! I've been watching too much CSI I think. On TV they put everything in test tubes and then into a magic centrifuge that can do everything from extracting DNA sequences to chemical analysis to testing for pathogens. Maybe it's got a brain inside.