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A-Z Of Caturday

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Published: April 26, 2007
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Happy Caturday! Because every day is Caturday in Kittyzstan.

Updated on 4/Sep/2007. The cats are moved up away from the taskbar a bit, and Yelling Cat has a new caption! Also, this time I've made a widescreen version of the wallpaper.

Texture by ~wojtar

Much credit also to the people who brought these cat pictures into existence. The only ones I'm able to name are:

X-ray cat by flippin*sweet
Glowing Kitten by Shyble
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blastoise96Hobbyist General Artist
B should've been Basement Cat.
Amyrose27's avatar
Amyrose27Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yelling kitty:

I just saw you naked!
spottedleafkitten's avatar
spottedleafkittenHobbyist Artist
where did ya get the kill your family thing from ?? 0.0
PlanetBloopy's avatar
Look up Drillcat... that's where it's from.
ToygerCat's avatar
ToygerCatHobbyist Photographer
I'm strongly against this whole concept, as 98% of these are used without permission... -_-
Just cause you can't track the original owner, you shouldn't incurrage the theft...
It's one thing that people do it on other web sites, but DA is supposed to be a professional web page with strong policy against theft.

Here's another artist deserving credit, and honor him enough to ask permission too please: [link]
PlanetBloopy's avatar
Thanks for the link. It's getting easier to find the original sources thanks to TinEye and maybe Google Similar Images as well.

DA is not just for professional artists, but maybe we'll learn to act like professionals on here.
ToygerCat's avatar
ToygerCatHobbyist Photographer
It's not just for professional. It's also for young artists and hobby artists.
But it is strictly about original art and against using other peoples art without permission...
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vote in my caturday poll plz!
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Misiek92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
GuardianTempest's avatar
Multi questions:
1. What happens if glowing kitty reached critical mass?
2. What is the maximum length of longcat?
3. Is V-tec cat walking on water?
4. Who is the most powerful cat in the world(2 words).
cela08's avatar
I know who the most powerfull cat in the world is: Ceilasment cat!(when ceiling cat and basement cat fuse and the soul judgement is cealed i made it up)
PlanetBloopy's avatar
1. He glows? Brighter than the sun perhaps.
2. Depends... how old is he? Does he grow at the speed of light? Will the universe run out of atoms if he gets too long?
3. No, but he probably could. =P
4. If you're already sure it's 2 words, you tell me!
baka-imouto's avatar
baka-imoutoHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Go cats!
Tangyfur's avatar
lmao, tears are coming out cuz its so damn funny.
Reaction Cat. Priceless.
turbulentviolet's avatar
turbulentviolet Photographer
tis amazing! =]
Andr913's avatar
A++! I love B, C, and L!
Pika-Robo's avatar
Pika-Robo General Artist
H should have been Headcat.
I love Lolcats :D
PlanetBloopy's avatar
But I do love Helmetcat so, he is the juggernaut after all! Perhaps I can include Headcat in a sequel, I don't think I've got any others for H.
k-nelo's avatar
fucking funny!! :rofl: i love all of them.... :D
ramikin's avatar
ramikinStudent General Artist
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WANT serious cat... that is the fuglyest cat EVER!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
PlanetBloopy's avatar
Are you saying that Serious Cat is uglier than Ugly Cat? Haha. =P
ramikin's avatar
ramikinStudent General Artist
hell yeah! ugly cat is like super model cat compared to serious cat.
UnrealCanine's avatar
UnrealCanineHobbyist Filmographer
This is made of win and cookies
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