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LAST UPDATED: 6/9/15 by Co-Founder king-of-lights
:bulletblue: You must fill out the application form if you plan on participating in the group.
:bulletblue: Application Requirements are here:…
:bulletyellow: (NEW) Multiple accounts of the same character may now be created by different individuals.
:bulletblue: Create a separate account for the character you intend to Roleplay.
:bulletblue: The limit to accounts is two per person.
:bulletyellow: (NEW)Any account that is inactive for a certain amount of time ( frankly over a month) without a hiatus notice will be taken off the character list. However, if activity picks up on your account again, you'll be put back onto the list.
:bulletblue: We'll only accept RP related submissions into the group. Any art content related to Asks & Answers should be submitted to Ask-The-Planetary to avoid clogging.
:bulletred: { Specified towards Co-Founders } Please try not post journals that have no relations to the group whatsoever. Personal journals should be solely uploaded to your own accounts.
:bulletblue: Characters & Members List (UPDATED):…
:bulletblue: If you have any remaining questions, feel free to message the admin(s) or group by note!

Rules may change throughout.
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Submitted on
July 5, 2014