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The Four Main Realms of the Planet Rodinia:

Nether-Haven ("The Far Away Forest")- Home to fairies, sylphs, satyrs and dryads. It is also home to the ruins of an ancient alien civilization and is populated by various bio-mechanical entities.

The Land of Relics- A post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by humans, mutants, cyborgs, and androids and littered with abandoned structures and artifacts from an advanced civilization destroyed long ago.

Elysium ("The Sea of Air")- Connected to the rest of Rodinia by The Elysian Plateau, it is a place filled with sky squids, airships and abandoned floating stations. Home to flying mutants and wind sailing humanoids.

Oceania- A collection of cities and stations built atop the ruins of an earlier realm that was submerged beneath the ocean long ago. It is now home to pirates of all origins, be they mechanical, bio-mechanical, or entirely organic.

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