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The Theme is coming to an end we have had some outstanding Submissons Over the past month but now we must decide the winners 1st 2nd 3rd this is how the voting works

Look through the Gallery… your 3 favourites add a comment to this blog and order them with links

1st  example1 [link] by joebloggs
2nd example2 [link] by joeblogg
3rd example3  [link] by joeblogs

I will keep a tally of the votes each place is worth a certisn number of points to the artist 1st= 3points 2nd= 2points 3rd= 1point Voting for yourself will get you banned thrown out the competition

at the end of the week the top five will go on my profile poll to get down to top 3 then again to get the order of 1st to 3rd Finally prizes will be drawn out

Favourites to Win

:thumb274273872: Ptarmigan 2 by MarkAussenegg Cryo Leaf by Miguel-Santos

once again thanks for submitting and Look out for the next competition!
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1st [link] by hmfs
2nd [link] by erikbijkerk
3rd [link] by ingelore
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1st: Patterns in the snow [link] by :iconmdenn369:
2nd: Ptarmigan 2 [link] by :iconmarkaussenegg:
3rd: February Snowflake [link] by :iconnnikoo:
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1st ~ wayside by Ingelore
2nd ~ Raspberry by JessePhotography
3rd ~ Journey by Synthemum
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1st Winter [link] by :iconalicephotography8:
2nd Patterns in the Snow [link] by :iconmdenn369:
3rd Little winter dream [link] by :iconsaphiraswirl:
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1st Ptarmigan 2 [link] by :iconmarkaussenegg:
2nd Ripe apples [link] by :iconerikbijkerk:
3rd Febtuary snowflake [link] by :iconnnikoo:
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1st cyro leaf by :iconhmfs: 3 points
2nd ptarmian by by :iconmarkaussenegg: 2 points
3rd Day 3 by :iconxbrightlights:
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