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The Future Desktop

At last... 7 hours of nonstop work finaly paid off :) At 10 in the morning I opened deviantART to see some tutorial and educate myself a bit better :) Then I cam across one tutorial, that I had to try out immediately (author in credits ;)). I opened my CS3 and started working and the final result was just great, glassy panels and techy lines which looked awesome, but when I needed to find a better background, the one I came across made me add a few things to the whole idea... And 6 hours later Here it is: How I think the desktop of the future will look like.

Now to the credits part. I'd like to express my gratitude to:
-dA artist- kuschelirmel-stock- for the great tutorial which you can find here- [link]
-NASA- for the great Earth images :D
-OCPStudios for the awesome starbase cooridor rendering
-Jeoffroy Thoorens- For the exceptionally detailed rendering of a starbase interior (too bad you can't see it, but it's the second from right to left in the featured item section)
-The dental industry- For whitening "ASHLEY THOMAS" ' teeth (Whose name probably isn't Ashley... We'll never know.)
-Ofcourse the unknown Author of the background wallpaper- Whose name I struggled to find, but failed to do so.
-To Adiljan Abliz- for the font UKIJ Qolyazma
-To Vic Fieger- for his font Data Control
-And ofcourse to the countless number of sci-fi movies and series I've watched :)

I hope you'll like my creation, and please comment and fav if so :)
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