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What is this? I'm not drawing Harvest Moon, haha? No, no. Avatar: The Last Airbender is my true love.

Anyway, it always gives me too many emotions when I think of older Aang teaching young lil Tenzin how to airbend and meditate. I can just imagine Tenzin trying to be extremely focused and serious to make his dad proud, but really, Aang would be proud of his kid anyway. So I imagine Aang always messing with Tenzin and trying to get him to do dumb airbending pranks on Katara and the other kids, but Tenzin's like "daaad, I have to meditate..." So Aang would just play airbending pranks on him instead.

I really am hoping for some flashbacks in Legend of Korra. I want to see daddy aang.
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This gazebo on the water is my favorite location in the Avatar world. You did a great job of capturing it!
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Bumi- *watching* huh, bending must be boring if u gotta do that for hours on end
Sokka- that's why I'm glad I wasn't a bender myself. wanna go fishing?
Bumi- heck, yeah, let's go!
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I can total-tally see that happening! :D
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I can see Bumi and Sokka spending a lot of time together. So odd that Bumi's like a wildman with no bending, whereas the two children that can bend r kinda boring...
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Yeah, I feel like the learning how to learn their bending powers took a lot of discipline so it made them more mature at a younger age...maybe?
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Sokka- uh, Bumi, yer supposed to use a fishing pole...
Bumi- BORING! *reaches in and snatched a fish instantly*
Bumi- got one! *snatches a bigger one* Got another one... now my hands are full *dunks his head in and grabs one with his mouth*
Sokka- well... that's pretty impressive
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aw ohmygosh! xD
I agree with you on that! Love this pic. Especially Aang's eye lol
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I also imagine Tenzin as a mini-but-serious-Aang :)
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Dear Bryke,
Please have more flashbacks of daddy moments with Aang and his kids. It would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar Fans everywhere!

and i would imagine Aang would never lose that childish side of him. He'd just hide it for important buisness matters! XDDDD
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tenzin's ears are sooo cute!!!
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Forrealdoe. Aang seems like a great father
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Oh my god, i feel exactly the same! I want to see Aang as a dad sooo bad! for some reason I just can't see him as a dad! xD and I want to know what happened to Zuko's mom! And did Zuko and Mai have kids? Ugh, I know it just came out yesterday but I can't wait till new episodes!

This drawing is adorable by the way! <3
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I suppose we will just have to keep watching to find out!
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Well idk about Zuko AND Mai having kids but *mouth is glued shut to avoid spoilers*

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urgh you makin' me anxious! >w< lol
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This is beautiful! I love how the background came out.
Agreed. Totally wanna see daddy Aang!
Not sure why but this pic reminds me of The Lion King when Mufasa is talking with Simba on pride rock. :D
Love it!
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Thanks! (it was a struggle for me, haha)

and now that you mention it, I can totally see it!
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I beyond struggle with BGs. Then I get lazy and half-ass everything.
So more points to you!! :D
*is ashamed that she didn't fav this before--rectified it though*
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He's trying sooooo hard!
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haha, yes he is! Trying to make dad proud! -wipes tear-
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This is such warm father/son scene, it makes me miss Aang more D:

Good work!!!
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