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I've been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed: Origins lately, and I really loved the design of the  Greek and Egyptian temples in the game.

So I thought about what ancient Equestrian architecture would be like and did a few skeches based on the designs in the game. These are not good enough to count as "deviations" but I think some of these have potential to be further developed.

Sooooo ... I'm just wondering which one looks better to you? (I like No.3 the most but it's not exactly meant to be a temple)

Untitled-2 by Plainoasis

I am sharing some books and web resources that really helped my self-learning of art, some specifically for ponies. I hope you may find them useful. 

1. (Book) Drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards

   Take a look at this book if you think you can't draw, you'll most likely prove yourself wrong. Good for the complete beginner, though the author tend to ramble somewhat.

2. (Web) How to draw ponies panel - Equestria LA 2012

    The video that got me started, there's a lot of useful information for getting started in MLP fanart.

2. (Web) MLP Vector Club

    Show-accurate vectors, excellent references for you to copy and study

3. (Web) Drawing Ponies with Whatsapokemon

    Pony porportions and anatomy made easy, there are three parts of it

4. (Web) Ctrl+Paint

    For getting started with digital media

5. (Book) The ultimate drawing and painting technique bible by Trudy Friend

   The author's explanations about basic strokes with pencil/brush can be rather useful, but the rest of the book maybe not.

6. (Book) How to paint living portraits by Roberta Carter Clark

   Good introductory book to (human) portrait/figure drawing/painting

7. (Web) Figure & Gesture Drawing | Tools for self-educating artists 

   Free reference library for figure, faces, hands and animals

8. (Book) Landscape painting by Mitchell Albala

   Good introductory book to landscape painting

9. (Web) Pinterest

   Filled with high-quality images (as compared to Google Images), most are copyrighted, use for practice purpose only if you are not sure

10. (Book) Your artist's brain by Carl Purcell

   Kind of like "Painting" on the right side of the brain, with useful tips on value arrangement

And that's all. Hopefully they can help you, I'd also be grateful if you can point out any books/web resources that helped you a lot on your artistic journey.

Believe in yourself: You WILL improve if you keep drawing.

02 First Drawing of Twilight Sparkle (Cropped) (c2 by Plainoasis
"Twilight Sparkle" My fisrt MLP fan"art", Feb. 2013, drawn with reference.