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Learning to paint a cape, they just don't seem to work very well on ponies

Lesson learned: If you can't paint something properly, cover it with fog...
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ItinerantDjuradhanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I mean, she was basically Kylo Ren anyway.
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nice really epic
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matmax426Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tempest Sith?
Sounds good to me :D
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Folds and Ponies doesn't go along very well, but maybe the cape on the wind could make it look more dramatic?
 It's really well made for a first try in my opinion.
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Good job.
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The verticality of capes work better on species that are vertical themselves. You could try to draw a pony rearing up on it's hind legs, a cape might work better on that.
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PlainoasisHobbyist Digital Artist
Agreed, ponies on a profile view has the body positioned horizontally. I find that that gives me the most trouble at trying to adapt human costumes to them
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Is this Tempest Shadow?
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PlainoasisHobbyist Digital Artist
It's meant to be, guess I didn't do a good job :P
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The colour, scar and sharper muzzle communicates it well enough. The broken horn would have been the best identifier but it being covered by the light sabre I assume is symbolic.
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