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Moonlight Twilight

By Plainoasis
A practice on composition. The muddy values and lack of depth could use some work. Also more details should be added.

Sorry I did not work Twilight's wings into my initial composition and couldn't fix them towards the end。
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Absolutely gorgeous. This is possible THE best use of light / shade I have ever seen in a piece of art. Bravo.

I saw this work on the MLP FB page, Purple Smart. Its been awhile since something has entranced me like this, after scrolling through MLP fan art post for so long. When looked at as a whole, I remember how much I love Twilight, best pony =).

The darkness reminds me of all the evil, Nightmare moon, changelings etc. that she and her friends must face and how that road will lead her to something greater, her destiny to become Princess of Twilight. I can feel the silence of night, the brief solace it brings at a day's end, yet somehow also the subtle fear of the uncertainty of tomorrow. How much deep emotional pain it must stir up for twilight, from the rumination an idle moment on a quiet night like this would provoke? Her character must soon endure bearing the responsibility she has as princess, immortal.

The bum-line is a little bit too high for my liking though. I also feel like the stars could have glittered a bit more though. I'm not a visual artist though, nor writer haha. I'm a musician but I hope you took the time to have read this little critique.

Thanks for this however, it really encapsulates how I relate to Twilight. It IS beautiful. Thank you

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Thanks for the comment and sorry for my veeery late reply.

I'm gald you enjoyed this one as you did, but I must admit I usually approach art in a more technical way (by designing the composition, anatomy, color etc.) and emotions generally plays a subconcious part in my "art". Because while one can easily create a scence in one's mind, it's very difficult to put it down on papaer, and during the technical struggle those feelings would be long lost. Still, I'm very grateful that this piece was able to invoke a feeling from you!
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Absolutely beautiful, I like how her pose ends up symmetrical with the mane and tail at different sides, great choice of colours too.
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Holy shit this is amazing!
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one word ....BEAUTIFUL
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This is beautifully ethereal and the monochromatic color pallet really works wonders for this image.
asphagnum's avatar
That's one weird butt (and tail attachment).
;) (Wink) 
Plainoasis's avatar
Gosh! Didn't notice it before. Thanx for pointing that out, I'll be careful next time.
asphagnum's avatar
Don't worry, the picture is awesome!
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I love the colors.
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This is actully beautiful. Well done! :)
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I really love it! <3
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Really cool piece you have here!
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BEautiful work
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